A First Encounter – Part 1

It is a nice warm day today at the beginning of spring. Despite the fact that it is still early in the year, the temperature is pretty high. Walking through the city centre and doing some window-shopping. And of course, also looking at all the women in short skirts and dresses. Ooh and don’t forget all the high heels. My mind wanders to all the beauty I see around me. To all the videos I am lately watching. Wondering if something is wrong with me for what I am watching. But is it wrong? As there are so many videos of it surely means I am not the only one. Walking like that and my mind going in overtime has as affect I have a boner. Trying to hide it, but at the same time also showing off I have a boner. Oh my god, what is wrong with me. I didn’t even realize I walked in a clothing shop and am in the dressing room. Before I knew it, I was naked with the curtain open for at least 10-20cm. It is not too busy in the shop, but here and there I hear voices. I am getting really horny from standing there and listening to all the voices and seeing myself in the mirror naked slowly jerking. I close my eyes as my mind wanders to all the videos. The videos of women dominating men. Putting them on display,

whips, walking over them with their high heels, and so on. It doesn’t take long before I am the point of no return. With a low groan, I cum all over the mirror, and I open my eyes. A bit scared, I look past the curtain. No one seemed to have seen me. Why do I find that a shame I am not seen? Then I see the massive cumload on the mirror. Do I dare? I have seen a few videos were the woman made the man clean up with his tongue. Slowly I get on hands and knees. Fuck it, and I start licking it all up. It is a weird taste but not too bad. Quickly I get dressed again and hurry home.

When home I get a bit of a snack and start up my laptop. Still horny, my internet brings me quickly to various porn sites. As they are free, there is a lot of advertisement. One of them gets my attention. It’s called FetLife. A Facebook sort of site but entirely dedicated to BDSM. I am in a world of its own. So many people who also like me enjoy this. And all who are active in it. It’s like I am overwhelmed with this all, not knowing where to start and look. Quickly I make my own profile, filling in all the fields. Now surfing over the site. Looking at all the stories people wrote, pictures they have posted and all the profiles. I feel like a person wandering the dessert and suddenly finding a great lake with fresh water. Going from profile to profile, I come across a profile that takes my breath away. It is from a woman who is beautiful in her pictures. Not that she shows a lot. She is a Domme and also a sex

therapist. Her list of kinks are a lot of what I dream about. And as the cherry on top, she is a biker. Quickly I open the window to send her a private message and type hello and lots more. Sorry, I was on such a high I can’t recall what I sent her. Seeing the time I realize I have to go to bed.

After a night of lots of turning in my sleep, the first thing I do is check if she has answered me. Unfortunately no message. The rest of the day, my mind keeps going back to FetLife. And in specific the profile of that pretty woman. Ok, I know she is in the UK, and I am in the Netherlands. But that doesn’t mean we can’t chat and mail. Regularly I check on my phone the site. My thoughts fully consumed with it. But also a bit scared for when she does send a message back. All-day nothing. Again a restless sleep. Waking up way too early. Quickly checking the site and yes she replied. And only a minute ago. Off course the time difference. Before I knew it, we were sending messages back and forth. We were talking about all sort of stuff. All the different kinds of kinks. Who we are, how long we are into BDSM

and much more. She also talks about the therapy she gives with all kinds of technics. I tell her I have a short holiday next week and plan to explore more online about this all. We keep messaging all day and even exchange numbers so we can chat on WhatsApp. The week goes in a daze for me, working, sleeping and chatting with the lovely lady across the North Sea. On Sunday evening, I get a message in my email. Subject: appointment confirmed. What is this, I think? Opening it, I see there is an appointment with a therapist in the UK on Tuesday at noon. Off course, the woman I am chatting too is a therapist. Did she really do this? I message her despite it being late. Hopefully, she answers me in the morning.

The next I can’t think of anything else. But no message from her. Do I take the risk and go? I am free from work, and she knows this. What to do, what to do? Ok, I’ve come this far, now take the next step. I look up when the ferry goes to the UK and all other things. Where to sleep, I will find a place there. In the middle of the night, I set off to the ferry and get on board. Not knowing what I can expect. A bit scared but also very excited. It is a bumpy ride, but I am entirely in my own thoughts. From the ferry, I get the train and bus. A little walk and I am in front of a small office building. At the reception is a lovely young woman busy with phone calls. After I let her see my mail, she tells me that I can take place in the waiting area. It is a few comfy chairs on the other side of the reception area. A couple is waiting there. Sitting there, waiting is feeding my mind, not knowing what to do or expect. Looking around, it looks like a lovely building. Warm dressed with paintings. The front door is in view but stays

shut. The receptionist is busy on the phone, and the couple is each busy looking at their cellphones. I decide to get my cellphone also to kill some time while waiting. I wanted to reread our messages. Oohh a new message from her. It said: when your name is called, you are to go to the reception. Get fully naked and hand your clothes to the receptionist. She will give you a collar. This is being put on and locked. Next, you are to crawl to my door and wait till I open it. If you don’t do this, then your only other option is to go home.

I had to read it several times to be sure I read it correctly. I couldn’t believe it. On the other hand, it got me excited and scared at the same time. Just when I was calming a bit, I heard the receptionist call my name. I thought the couple had an appointment before me. It seemed they were waiting for a taxi and already had their appointment. Omg, they will also see then. Slowly and with shaking legs, I got up to the reception desk. The girl had a big grin on her face. One last look at the couple and I knew what I had to do. I started to strip right there and then. Handing each of my clothes to the girl at the reception desk. I was action without thinking. Quickly I was naked, and in the corner of my eye, I saw the couple watching what was happening. The girl took her time putting my clothes away. She gave

me a collar. Bright pink and fake diamonds spelling the word SLUT. I put it on and used the padlock to lock it in place. No key to see, so I am trapped now naked and collar on. Slowly getting on my knees and hands, I crawl to the door of her office. Sitting there on display waiting till she thinks I can enter.

After what seemed an hour but most likely was more like 5 minutes the door opened. There she was dressed as a professional. Knee-high leather boots with high heel stilettos, a tight skirt just above the knees, a jacket and blouse. Her grin is as wide as it could be. As I wanted to crawl inside, she kept blocking the entrance. No no, not yet slut, first clean my boots. I turn my head towards the couple. They are watching what I am doing and the receptionist too. Well? I hear in a stern voice. I bow my head and start licking her boots, not missing a single spot. Even giving the heels a bj to clean them and licking the soles. When she was satisfied with the result, she let me crawl in. you can take your place, she commands. I see the couch and crawl towards it. Where are you going? That isn’t your place. As she sits down, I can see a bit up her skirt. Is she naked under her skirt or do I imagine things? She points to a spot at her feet. I crawl as fast as I can to that spot and lay down. Her high heels land on my body and she starts to push the heels all over my body hard in my flesh, leaving small marks.

We started chatting like this was how normal people meet and chat. From small talk to BDSM and all sorts of things we discussed. In the middle of our conversation, she stands up on me and gets something from a dresser. Before I know it she is placing a cock-ring on me real tight. After that, she placed nipple clamps with cat bells on them. Every movement I make and the bells ring loud. She orders me to turn over and get on all fours. I feel something cold drip between my asscheeks. And then something pushes against my asshole. The first time something goes in on that side. It is a bit painful, but after a little moment, I feel it glide in my ass. Further and further until I feel my muscles close around the thinner base of what must be a butt plug. But I feel something soft fall against my legs. When I turn around to look, I see that the plug has a very fluffy tail. I lay down again, and she steps over my head onto my torso to sit back in her chair. Yes, I saw it correct the first time. No panties under her skirt. She hands me a little blue pill. Here swallow this and let us see how good and how long this works on you. Never seen a pill like this, but remember that Viagra should look like this I

see no harm in taking it. A big grin on her face when I swallow the pill. Already hard dick but this would mean that my dick stays hard for a long time. We continue to chat a bit until she says, why don’t you get us some drinks before our alone time is up. Huh, alone time? What does she mean? I get up and walk to the door. Cat bells ringing, plug shifting in my ass and the tail swinging just like my hard dick. As I exit her office, I freeze. Not only the receptionist is there, but in the waiting area are sitting 3 women. They start to giggle as soon as they see me. Slowly I make my way to the coffee machine and then back to the office. As 3 hours have past what in my mind seemed like no more than 30 minutes, she slaps my cock whit a big grin. It seems that Viagra really works well on you, curious how long it stays that hard. Now let my next appointment in and sit next to me on the ground.

With a dry mouth, I go and call in the next appointment for her. It is all the 3 women who still giggle and follow me in. I go sit next to her on the ground. She hands me some earplugs. After they are in, she puts a hood on my head that only has opening for my mouth. Now I sit there not seeing anything and can’t hear anything. Sitting there in patience, I occasionally feel how her heels push against my dick or that she flicks my nipple clamps. Luckily this appointment was only for 1 hour. Whatever happened in the room, I don’t know? When the hood was taken away and the earplugs, we were alone in the room. She sets a small bag pack next to me. Hands me my own shoes. And a very tight pair of leggings. I am to put them on. I notice there is a small hole in the back of the leggings for the tail. And

because of the cock-ring and Viagra is my dick noticeable to see trough the leggings. She tells me that my own clothes are in the backpack and of course I can’t wear them now, but I have to carry them with me as we go now. She attaches a leash on the collar and pulls me behind her to follow. What has she now in her mind? As we leave her office, she asks the receptionist girl if she wants to join us for something to eat. And with that, I walk on a leash behind the 2 women on the streets in the UK.

Who knows what will happen next or maybe we can read that another time.


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