A first encounter – Part 2

Here I am, after some chatting with a great woman who is a Domme, I got a surprise appointment and of I went. Not knowing what I got myself into. And now I walk here far from home, not knowing anyone in the UK. That isn’t even the weird part, no I walk here on the streets dressed in very tight leggings, my shoes, collar and leash in the hand of the Domme. I got a blue pill that I think is Viagra because my dick is hard as a rock and a long time now. Also, because of the leggings, it is evident. Not to mention the tail that comes through the leggings and is, in fact, a butt plug. Her receptionist walks beside her, and they are chatting and laughing like this is an everyday thing. Now I am lucky I don’t know anyone here. The people we pass look at me funny for being on a leash before they notice my boner. All I see are 2 beautiful women on high heels swinging their asses in front of me. That doesn’t help with my boner. I am lucky it is a warm spring day or unlucky as I only see short skirts and high heels.

After about 10min walk we arrive at a little bistro restaurant. It doesn’t seem too busy, but a few people are on the terrace and a few inside. As we stand at the entrance, I don’t dare to look at the people. I feel like my head is red like a strawberry. Miss is talking to the hostess as if they know each other from a young age. We head inside to the back. When we reach the table, the 2 ladies take a seat, but I only see 2 chairs. I look puzzled. A pull on the leash and I am guided to my knees. The 2 ladies keep on chatting and don’t even give me a look as far as I can tell. The waitress brings the menus and asks for what we like to drink. All the time, she is holding in her laughter when looking at me. Both order a soda, and I hear Miss order me some water. In fact, her words were: at a bowl of water for my puppy here. She gives me a pat on the head. She adds that I don’t bite with a burst of laughter. Moments later, the waitress brings the sodas for the ladies and to my horror, she has an actual dog bowl with water that she places in front of me. She rubs quickly through my hair and says that I am a good boy. Laughing hard, she walks away. I am so embarrassed, but at the same time, I am high from being used like this. When the waitress returns the ladies order some food. I don’t dare to say anything, but they forget to order for me. My mouth is parched so I have no other choice than to use the bowl. I pick it up to put it on my mouth. Before I can lift it a cm of the floor, I feel a slap on my ass. It’s like the sound is to be heard on the terrace so loud. I put the bowl down and bring my head down. I start to lick like a puppy would do. When I do, I feel her hand through my hair and her nails on my skull. It is a great feeling.

She ties the leash to the table leg, so her hands are free. I see why as the waitress comes with the food for the ladies. I am looking with puppy eyes as I realize I am hungry. When all the food is on the table, Miss reaches in her purse and hand me another blue pill. Here swallow this puppy, they are extra strong. I happily take it and swallow it. It must be Viagra or something like it, right? I sit there like some sad puppy wanting attention and food while the ladies start eating and chatting. When Miss sees this, she slaps me on my cheek and says no begging or you don’t get any. Defeated, I lower my head and lay on the floor at her feet. Not knowing what to expect. While I lay there, I feel both ladies push their high heels all over my body, even against my boner. It is painful but also very nice to have attention. When the ladies are finally ready with their meal, the waitress comes to clear the table. I hope to get some food now too. Miss tells the waitress to put the scraps in a bowl for her puppy. I hear the waitress laugh and walk away. Not long she is back with a bowl. She puts it in front of me. It isn’t much, but I dive straight in it and eat it all up. Oh, the puppy is hungry and can really use that tongue of him it seems. I ignore it as I am hungry and scared it will be taken away from me.

In the meantime, the waitress comes to ask if we like a dessert. Both ladies order a small ice-cream and coffee, Miss also orders a little bowl of whipped cream on the side. The waitress asks if the puppy can have a cookie. Miss laughs hard and says that it is ok, but don’t spoil him too much or he will hump your leg as it seems he is horny all the time. All the women start laughing while looking at my boner. I am so embarrassed. The waitress brings the desert to the ladies and gives me a cookie, with a massive grin on her face. As I am looking at the waitress walk away, I feel a tug on the leash. Quickly I turn around, and I am led under the table again. I hadn’t noticed until now that Miss has pulled up her skirt and sits now with her legs wide. I can see her lovely pussy now, and it is dripping pussyjuice. I can even smell it now. Ok, puppy you get a dessert too as you are doing great so far. With that, she puts a bit of whipped cream on her pussy. She grabs my hair and pulls me in her groin. I must be in heaven. I start to lick as if my life depends on it. It is so great, and the taste omg. Feeling her legs close against my head and little trembles. She regularly puts new whipped cream on her pussy, and I keep licking until I can feel all her muscles tense up. She grabs my head and pushes it hard in her pussy. She starts to squirt all over my face. It is almost as if there is no end to it so much is it.

My whole face is covered in pussyjuices and dripped on my beard and chest. Miss pushes me away, closes her legs and pulls her skirt back down. When the ladies are finished with their desert and paid, Miss grabs the leash, and we walk out. When on the way out, we meet the waitress, Miss pushes me to the ground. She has dirty heels on, why don’t you thank her properly for serving you your food puppy. I know what I am expected to do and start to lick her shoes clean. The waitress doesn’t know what to do and stands there giggling. When they are clean, I get up and walk out on the street again.

As soon we are on the street again, I feel all eyes on me again. We are not walking back to the office; it seems. On the corner, we stop at the bus stop. I wonder where we are going. Miss says her goodbyes to the receptionist. She walks on, I think of going home. It doesn’t take long before the bus arrives. It is packed, and everyone is looking at me. My hands move on their own in front of my boner. Miss sees this and slaps them away. I look in her eyes and see she means it. Some people stare, others laugh and point at it. During the ride on the bus, I see lots of people with these reactions. People getting off and on the bus. After I think it was 5 stops we get off too. We are in front of a large building that is at least 10 high. As we walk in, Miss is greeted by a doorman. He holds the door open for us. He laughs when he sees me and whispers good luck to me. When we reach the elevators, she pushes on both elevators buttons to come. First is the one on the right. We step in, she sets me in the back, ties the leash to a handrail. Pulls my leggings off. The pushes on every floor button and steps out and gets in the other elevator. Omg, I am here alone and naked with a boner I have never had so hard. I can’t believe I am standing here, and on each floor, the doors open, wait a few seconds to close and go up to the next floor. Luckily nobody is waiting on the floors. But when I get at the top Miss is waiting while tapping her foot. You took your time. But I forgot my mail, why don’t you go ask for it at the reception desk. She takes the leash off, and don’t let me hear that you tried to cover up anything. She places some nipple clamps on me with cat bells that ring at any motion. With that, she pushes the button for the ground floor. I am in no time down now that I don’t stop at every floor. With my head down and dick up, I walk to the reception desk and ask for Miss her mail. The man and girl behind the desk start to laugh at how I stand there. The girl then tells me that on this day of the week, there is never mail and that Miss should know this. With my head down, I go back to the elevator and back up. When in front of Miss She starts to laugh, puts the leash back on and walks me down the hall to her apartment.

Once inside, she brings me to the living room and from there to the balcony. It is a big apartment and very lovely decorated. Even the balcony is large. It has a garden set on it and a swing bench. You can see far into the city from it, but also the 2 large buildings next to this one. If one is on their balcony, you can see me standing next to the railing. I am on display once again. Miss gets inside to change out of her work clothes. It isn’t long before she is back. And wow is all I can think when I see her. High heel boots coming well over her knee, a tight corset that pushes her breast up and is bare to see fully with great erect nipples on them. And a strap on that looks big. She looks so sexy. The nipple clamps or taken off my nips, as she doesn’t want to damage them permanently. She then places some weird contraption to my dick, the best I can describe it is that it looks like some sort of container to catch anything that comes out of my dick. She tells me to get on my knees and start sucking the big dildo. In the meantime, she pulls out her phone and tells me she is a group online. It is a Femdom group. She asks me if I mind if she tells them about me and also to post pics and videos of me. For a second, I let the dildo slip out of my mouth to ask if she trusts those people and how permanent it is. She says she trusts every single one of the people in the group and she will later put me in the group too. And pics and vids are gone after a certain time as you can’t scroll infinite back. With that news, I say it is ok and put the dildo back in my mouth. Now and then I hear a click of the camera while I keep giving a bj. All of a sudden, she grabs both my nips between her long nails and squeezes hard. She pulls me up on them. When she let go, she gives me a French kiss as I have never had and wished would never end. I feel my dick slapping against the dildo. Her hand travels south and start to massage my balls and jerk me off. I don’t know if I am allowed to touch her, but with her other hand, she grabs my hand and places it on her boobs. I start to softly squeeze them and roll her nipples between my fingers. We stand there for what seemed an hour, most likely it would be a few minutes. She turns me around and bends me over towards the rail. A cold fluid is dripping between my asscheeks, and the dildo is placed against my hole. Slowly she pushes it in and inch by inch it goes in further. This is the biggest I ever got in there. There doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Until I feel her body against mine and my balls against those of the dildo. Slowly she starts to fuck me. I hear her say, make me proud, we are now on live cam in the group. With that, she speeds up, and I feel the balls of the dildo slap against my own balls. She grabs my long hair and pulls on it hard. Come on slut fuck it. I hear her breathing to fasten as well. This because every time she pushes the dildo in me, the base pushes on her pussy as well. I start to moan like a bitch in heat. She tells me that I can cum as much and often as I want. At this point, she is ramming that dildo in me as fast and hard as she can. I can’t hold it anymore and feel that I cum in the container. It feels like it’s the biggest load I ever cum. To my surprise, my dick stays hard as it was. Must be those pills she gave me, those Viagra or whatever it was. I hear Miss moaning too as she keeps fucking my asshole. When she finally cums through fucking me, she lets my hair go and takes the dildo out. She takes the strap on off and turns me around. I see a small puddle between her legs and her legs and boots and pussy are soaking wet. She must have squirted again. Now be a good little slut and clean that up with your tongue, the floor first, then the boots and legs and if it is done well my pussy. I dive straight on to it and start licking it all from the floor. I feel her put one foot on my back and really push the heel in it. With that, I feel warm fluid on my head and back. She is peeing on me. Omg so warm and hot and horny. I turn my head to see it come from her pussy while she pisses on my face and in my mouth. When she is finished, she gets in a chair, legs wide and starts to chat in the group while I clean the floor. Hurry up little bitch puppy, the day is still young, and I want to test a lot more new toys on you and that container better be full at the end of it all.

With that, I lick the floor like a mad man and tell you what happened next another time.


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