Anne meets Amy

When I got there, I went in the side door with my swimsuit on, found a hotel towel she had hid for me, and walked to the pool as I belonged there. The pool was empty except for a few people reading newspapers. I sat on a pool chair with the pins in my suit for about five minutes when she came up and said “Hi Anne”! She had pins in her tits too.

You must know what she looks like. She will be 19 on July 8 and that’s about what I would guess by looking at her. She is about my height (5’5″), thick & wavy dark brown hair just on the shoulders, long legs with a beautiful girlish figure. Just the right amount of meat on her bones and a flat stomach. Her breasts overfilled the size B bikini top. She told me that it was last years suit but she liked how it looked on her. So did I. She didn’t have much in the hip dept. but she has the greatest buns. Nice and round and tight. They didn’t bounce when she walked, the two sides just moved up and down alternately. And she had a great tan, perfect complexion and no dark body hair (except a bit of a moustache & thick eyebrows). I stood up to greet her and found her eyes.

I didn’t get anything out of my mouth, I just stood there (most likely with my mouth open). Her eyes are a green (I mean GREEN) colour like I never seen before. They have a lot of distinct patterns and there is this black ring around the colour area. It’s a thin line but just as black as the centre of her eye. When she smiles, her eyes open up real big. But when she looked into my eyes it’s like she was looking right into me and down to my stomach. It’s hard to find a word for the feeling. Haunting (in a sense), eerie (utterly), daring & bold (with a certain confidence), disarming (I was broken instantly), craving (I felt passion rays coming from her eyes & finding the pit of my stomach) & butterflies (not her eyes, my stomach). When she broke eye contact, I was able to talk.

We did the “great seeing ya – you look great” stuff. I was real nervous & hyper and I needed to break the tension (my tension, she seemed really mellow). So I led her to the bathroom. I wanted to show her that I was bold too & I was ready for this just as much as she was. Even though I saw that the girl’s room was empty, I knew that we couldn’t trust this privacy for very long. We went around the wall and I quickly planted my mouth on hers. She opened her mouth and my tongue found hers. She tasted so sweet. We kissed for about 2 minutes but it seemed like forever.

Amy then stepped away and lifted up the top of her suit and showed me her boobs. I said something like ‘nice’ as I reached out with both hands and felt them. Her skin is so soft and firm and dark. I was this moment I noticed her boobs were almost as tan as her arms. That added to my excitement. Her nipples were sticking out and were really hard. I squeezed them and she squealed. I could see that she enjoyed showing & giving me this treat. I lifted my top for her and she gently felt me. I suggested we better leave the bathroom before we end up naked on the floor, so after another hot kiss we went out to the pool.

There still wasn’t anyone in the pool (just 2 people reading). I had 2 diving masks, so I told her I wanted to show her a trick. We jumped in the water and sat on the stairs in the shallow end. I told her to put on her mask and look at me under the water. I moved the bottom of my suit aside and she got a full view of my cunt. I looked down at her and she did the same and she slid 2 fingers deep into herself so I did the same.

So there we were 2 girls sitting in a pool watching each other finger-fuck herself. I told her how I do this if a kid was swimming around with a Mask on. I pretend that I don’t realize I can be seen with a mask. She thought it was a great idea & couldn’t wait to try it. We sat close together and fingered each other for a short time. We were having a great time. Soon the pool started to get crowded and we sat & talked for a long time. Two boys showed up and we hoped that they had masks, but they didn’t. We hoped they would ask to borrow our, but they didn’t. Amy got an idea and put on a t-shirt & removed her suit top. She pretended to adjust the buckles. She told me to push her into the pool, so we got up and I pushed real hard and she went flying into the pool. She swam to the ladder near the boys and got out of the pool. You could see her boobs & nipples like she wasn’t wearing anything. The boys almost fell over & so did I. It was fun watching the boys. When I flash, I don’t get the chance to look right at the person to see the reaction & this was great. I felt just like I was the one doing the show.

It was getting late & I had to go to work so we left. She had a bike and said she didn’t live far away. We made plans to meet at the mall, found a spot to kiss, and went our separate ways.

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