Appearance Tricks

Some say “Life” starts after 10.00 pm, well, for me it depends from period to period, for example, in the evening I used to get bored after I left my girlfriend, so my “life” was just home, office, and in some rare case an exit out with some friend who remembered of me, to go drinking and talking about some boring topic like soccer, computer or even worse politics.

But there is always hope… infact, one evening which started like the one described in the example, and turned out to be one of the best evenings of my life, and also changed completely my life itself.

Steve called me in the office to ask me if I was free that evening for a beer or two. The image of an evening out talking about the sport wasn’t so tempting, but the image of being again at home zapping on the remote control unable to find some interesting program on tv, just to wait to go to sleep, was even less tempting.

So I agreed to go out with him, and after leaving the office, I went home to take a shower, and to change into clean clothes and waited for Steve’s arrival.

When he came, we headed for Burger King to eat a Double Whopper and drink a Coke. During the “dinner” we talked as expected about soccer, I had my arguments, he has his own, and we almost argued because our arguments (which usually don’t match) were completely at the opposite edges.

After eating we reached our usual bar to drink something but with our surprise it was closed. A closer inspection of the door revealed a message to the customers that the owner was sorry but some problems in his family forced him to keep closed that evening.

Me and Steve were wondering what to do and decided to go to look for some other place.

We found a nice bar close to his place, some 400 meters, and he was surprised to haven’t noticed it before, the bar was more than nice, almost “sophisticated”. Everybody was well dressed, not a single person wearing Jeans or T-shirt.
And we realized that in that place, they had selected customers when a gorilla dressed like a penguin approached us and told that I was allowed to enter but Steve needed a shirt or something else with long sleeves.

Steve said there was no problem, that I could go in and wait for him, while he popped home to change. So I entered and sitting at the counter I ordered a beer.
Some time passed and Steve hadn’t yet arrived. I had already drunk four beers when watching the clock on the wall, I realized that I had been waiting for Steve for 2 hours. So I decided to pay and go back home when a girl asked me if she could borrow my lighter.

I turned to her to give her what she asked for, and I saw she was one of the most pretty girls I had ever seen.

Thanks to the lighter excuse we started talking about usual stupid topics like “I’ve never seen you here” “why are you here alone” and so on… finished all that futile topics she asked me if I would like to sit somewhere more comfortable to talk, and I agreed, of course… and fuck off Steve if he’d arrived and didn’t find me…

We ordered two Caipirinas and went to sit on a sofa inside a booth. The waiter arrived as soon as we had sat down with our drinks.

Then the discussion becomes more interesting and personal, we talked each other about our life, experiences, which kind of music we prefer, or film, and so on, and every time she had the chance, she inserted some ambiguous comment with double sense related to sex.

While talking I watched her, Sarah, was her name. She was wearing a blue dress long until above the knees, with a wide opening on her chest showing the prosperous breasts, flesh colour stockings and black shoes with high heels.
Generally, she was sexy, but with a sweet and lovely face.

We were talking for over two hours, meanwhile, Steve sent an SMS to say that he was so sorry, but his girlfriend arrived home, and when we were more acquainted (and a little drunk) she kissed me.

After kissing for a while, Sarah asked me if I would like to go to her flat, and suggested that we could continue there, in a more peaceful place very comfortable. I agreed and after she paid the drinks we left the bar.

Walking to my car we kept talking introducing a different topic “sometimes the appearance tricks” and we both gave each other examples about how many times superficial aspects gave us a distort view of the facts, in many fields.

When we entered her apartment I was pleased about her taste, it was very small, just 2 rooms, but well decorated, the living room included a corner that used to be the kitchen, there was a small table for two persons, and a big cream coloured sofa, a couple of bookshelves with different kind of books, mostly novels.

I sat on the sofa while she was preparing something to drink, and when she arrived, her face was serious.

I asked what was the problem, and Sarah said: “talking about appearance tricks… I have something to tell you”. With those words, I started to worry, and my feelings were clear on my face. So before going on, she told me that after hearing what she had to say, in case I wanted to go home and forget about her, I was free to do it, she also said that it was all her fault in case I left because she had to tell me before… before being attracted by me.

At that point, I was even more worried, and she told me her secret, she is a shemale, once a man, she had hormone’s therapy and surgery to look like that angel, and to have such lovely voice, but she previously was a man, and between her legs, there is still the “proof”.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to say, well, I was more surprised about the fact that she was so feminine to be a transexual than the fact itself.

She was worried that I was going to leave when I smiled and asked her if she was going to give me one glass or to hold them both all night. Sarah replied my smile with a bigger one and sit on the couch next to me.

She asked for a confirm that there really were no problem with me about her being a shemale, and I answered holding her and kissing her softly on the lips.
Sarah replied the kiss inserting her tongue into my mouth and I took it with my lips, sucking it slowly.

We both were hot, and the clothes started flying through the room.

Holding each other completely naked between a kiss and the other, Sarah asked me if I ever had sex with a T-girl, I said I hadn’t, that I thought it should be like fucking a normal girl ass, she agreed, but asked me the question in a more explicit way, if I’d wanted to be only active or also passive.

I admitted something I never told anybody before, that my ass was not virgin, that from time to time, in the secret of my apartment, I like to insert in it every kind of toy, but I never had inside a real cock.

So she put it in a way I liked, telling me to imagine she is a real girl, who is inserting a toy in my ass. I liked the picture and agreed to play both active and passive roles.

Cleared this last point, there were no more inhibitions, and she leads me to the bedroom.

There we started making love, our hands run all over our bodies, our mouth was glued each other until she laid on her belly and I raised over her inserting my cock in her ass, and then I started mounting her.

But, before coming, she stopped me and asked me to lay on my back. I obeyed her, and Sarah, after widening my legs put them above her shoulders. First of all, she wanted to check how open was my ass, and slowly inserted a finger. I felt a little strange but was pleasant. Then Sarah put some lubricant on my hole and spread it with the fingers until she entered without too much friction with two fingers.

She said that was good, that it shouldn’t have to hurt too much, and asked again me for a confirmation that I wanted to do it, I simply said that was so nice, and that I was sure that with her it wasn’t going to hurt at all.

Sarah was pleased by my word that smiled sweet and taught me how to give her a blowjob to make her dick to get harder. I followed her instructions, licking, caressing and sucking it, avoiding using teeth while tickling her balls and even if it was my first time giving a blowjob, I succeeded and got her compliments.

When she got a good erection I was a little scared, it was so big, bigger than mine, and bigger than everything I inserted in my ass too. Sarah noticed my worries, and smiling she said that she was going to be slow and soft, and as soon as I was going to feel the pain she’d stop, I replied her smile and said to go on.

She put some other lubricant on my hole, and some on her tool, then put it in position and started to push it in, I was amazed it was entering without friction, but, after some centimetres, I felt it, it wasn’t going to enter any further without giving me some pain. She understood looking at my face and asked if I wanted her to pull out. I said to go on entering but more slowly.

So she did, and I tightened the teeth facing the pain. After she entered a little more, she layed on me coming with her head close to mine, and getting closer to my ear, whispering, she asked if I was still feeling pain. Then I realized I wasn’t feeling anymore any pain, and when I told her she informed me she had entered completely and stood up to let me see.

I smiled, and Sarah started fucking me slowly at the beginning, increasing progressively the rhythm and the velocity, I was surprised finding myself to enjoy being fucked, and asked her for more. Sarah started fucking me harder. And after a few minutes, she stopped saying she was going to come, end exit from my hole.

We laid on the be upside down, to put our heads respectively between the other’s legs, and started caressing and sucking each other sex until we both came, by instinct I did as she did and when she was coming I took her cock in my mouth allowing her to fill me with her warm cum.

We both filled each other mouth with sperm and swallowed it, then we embraced and fell asleep.

The day after, we wake up and made love again and again, and today, we happily live together.

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