Laying in bed, in the crook of his arm on her left-hand side. Her left hand resting on his chest, her right in the void between their bodies. Feeling the stress of the working week dissolve into nothingness, she can smell him, can feel him, can feel the regular beat of his heart. Resting in his arms, feeling safe, realising that she is the only person who has made herself feel safe but this man, he has some hold over her like no other man ever has. Not being totally comfortable with the fact that she now craves his touch, his scent, feeling the control he already has over her. This is as exciting as it is daunting, its unchartered terrority. Having spent the last two night together, with only one night left realising that she needs to either make the step or to withdraw fully.

She tilts her head and kisses him on his chin, his facial hair touching her mouth, the smell of him, so very distinct, even with his artificial body spray scent she can still smell him, the subtle scent of his mint and tea tree shower gel permeating her nostrils. His natural scent embracing her senses, threatening to stay with her forever. She feels the rush of blood, the tightening as his scent has started to affect her. He turns his face towards her, “what?” he quizzes aware of her gaze on him.

“I’m just looking at you because you’re pretty” she declares.

She places a gentle kiss on his lips and feels him press his against hers, she opens her mouth, her tongue searching for his. Yes, she is capable of tenderness, of a gentle touch. He parts his lips slightly, but his tongue does not meet hers. A pang of disappointment spreads through her, she enjoys kissing but is aware that it is something that he does not appear to enjoy. She wants to caress his tongue, to touch it with hers, deeply, exploring his mouth. She places her hand on his cheek, her fingers curled around the back of his head, pulling him towards her. Not allowing him to pull away, pulling him towards her. She opens her mouth again, her tongue licking his lips, pushing them apart, he opens his mouth slightly, and his tongue briefly touches hers. She is aware of the compliance, the fact that it isn’t something he particularly enjoys or wants to do with her but that he is doing it because he knows that it is what she wants. If she makes him hers, he will have to give her what she wants, he will surrender himself entirely to her needs, likes and desires.

She closes her mouth and kisses him, now she wants more, she feels the hunger growing, the desire to not only feel him but to satisfy him, for him to satisfy her in a way no man has ever done before. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The need to own him, she has never claimed anyone before, has never met anyone that she has wanted to be hers, or anyone that she felt would be able to take everything she has to give. But the thought that she may have actually found someone now is an unnerving feeling, but the yearning is so strong and so natural. He has pursued her for nearly three years, playing a game of retreating every time it starts to get close to crossing the line because she knew from the very start that there was something alluring about him, something that she knew meant that if they crossed that line if he gave himself to her, if she gave herself to him then things would never be able to go back to being just friends. The realisation that not only have they now crossed that line but that now they are about to cross another line which their friendship will never recover from once it is crossed if it goes wrong.

Realising that she can feel his erection against her arm, and that it is demanding for attentions, demands that she usually would not give any attention to, but her own body is equally demanding attention. Having just had a shower, neither is wearing anything except dressing gowns. She kisses his lips, kisses his cheek, his neck, nipping slightly. Changing her arm position so she can move down his body, she pushes herself up on her right arm, her left arm resting on his chest. Undoing his dressing gown, she can see his beautiful body, exposing his nakedness in its full glory and it is a glory-full view. She licks his neck, kissing, moving lower over his chest, paying particular attention to his puckered nipple. Moving her mouth lower, kissing, and licking as she goes, not breaking contact, moving lower. Her left-hand runs down his body, brushing against his erection, he is so hard, hard from the expectation of her touch, the need to bury himself in her.

Her hand goes lower, pushing his thighs apart, she cups his balls. Squeezing them in her hand. He pushes his groin up, accepting her touch. Her mouth now on his belly, her tongue circling his belly button. Moving her mouth lower, alternating between licking and nibbling. Moving lower, she feels his erection against her face, turning her mouth towards him, she licks the tip and down his shaft. She moves her weight and places herself between his legs. Grasping his shaft in her left hand she moves her mouth to his groin, pressing her tongue in the crease of his leg, towards the centre feeling his engorged perineum and pressing he tongue stud against it. Moving her tongue to the left side and up the crease of that leg. Still with his erection in her hand, just holding him, not moving her hand but grasping him tightly, she moves her mouth to his balls. Taking one in her mouth, sucking it on and clenching it between her lip covered teeth. Pushing it out with the tongue and moving to the other, sucking it in, pressing her tongue against it then pushing it out. Starting to stroke his erection, she alternates between his testicles, giving each attention one at a time, licking his premium and the crease of his groin. Moving her tongue lower to press just between his cheeks. Licking up and down while stroking him. She moves her mouth to just above his slick tip, wet with his precum, and looks up at him. His back is slightly arched with his head back, and chin raised, arms beside his sides.

Her pursed lips, slick now with him are pressed against him while she strokes him, moving her hand down, twisting at the hilt and back up again, she licks his precum, running her tongue around his glands, running her tongue along his frenulum. Swiping her tongue backwards and forwards down his shaft, following her hand as she strokes him, moving her hand back up, and using her tongue, she reaches his tip. Running her tongue around his glands, then pressing her pursed lips against him, she moves her hand up to her lips, and as she moves her land lower, she follows with her mouth. All the way, taking him fully into her mouth, he pushes his pelvis up to push himself deep into her throat. Her throat is relaxed and willing to take all of him; he groans loudly. His thighs starting to twitch, his breathing coming in gasps, her hand and mouth moving up and down his shaft, twisting her hand when she gets to the hilt. Repeating, getting faster, as he pushes up deeper into her mouth, her taking his full length eagerly. She glances up at him, his hands are grasping the sheets in his hands. His chest and body taught, his muscles tight, his entire body is hard, his chest is heaving with his strained breathing.

Lowering her mouth down on him again taking his full length one more time, him pushing up to meet her. Withdrawing her mouth and hand from him, she moves her face up to his, kissing him on the lips she feels him relax. He opens his eye and looks at her, a smile spreading across his face, he breaths “your turn”.

Not knowing what he means she looks at him, his arms come up to her sides and he pushes her to her right, laying her down on the bed. Hovering over her, he kisses her on the mouth, moves his mouth to the side of her face kissing her cheek, moving to her neck. The familiar goosebumps spreading over her body, her neck is very sensitive. She moves her head to the side, exposing her neck fully, offering it to him. He kisses her neck as he moves his body between her legs. Not knowing what to expect she reaches up to touch him, he moves his mouth, kissing her chest, cupping, and kneading her breasts. He moves his mouth lower, a sudden shock of what he meant when he said “your turn” dawns on her. He is wanting to go down on her, to taste her, to please her with his tongue. She needs to stop him, she does not like that, she does not want that. She has bad memories; it is not something she is comfortable in giving him. His mouth moves to her belly, usually being uncomfortable with her body she realises that he has seen her totally naked, so her inhibitions melt away. Her fear of what is about to occur dissolves as soon as his tongue touches her wetness.

He runs his tongue slides down, over her clitoris and down to her entrance. She feels the anticipation totally leave her body as he runs his tongue along her entrance and then back up to her swollen clitoris. He puts his arms under her thighs and grasps them, pulling her onto his mouth. His tongue circling her entrance and then back up towards her clitoris. An electric shock spreads through her body as he presses his tongue against her, moving it lower than back up. Instantly she feels her orgasm growing, never so quickly, pulling her towards him, burying his face in her as he licks her, moving his tongue down and pressing it into her then back up to circle her clitoris sending more shocks through her body. Needing him to continue to circle her clitoris and to cum by his tongue she grasps his hair in her hands, holding his mouth on her swollen nub, pressing her onto his face he starts to circle her. “DON’T STOP” she gasps, he obeys, pulling her onto his mouth more, getting faster, pressing his mouth against her, pulling him onto her more as she reaches the apex of her orgasm grinding herself against his mouth groaning loudly as the waves of pleasure take over her body.

His tongue slows, coming to a stop, he kisses her inner thigh sending an explosion of shocks up her body. She relaxes her grip on his head, and her arms drop down beside herself on the bed. He looks at her. He moves his face up to meet hers, she puts her hands either side of his face and pulls his mouth to hers. Licking herself from his face, she tastes so sweet. Cleaning his face from her orgasm, licking his mouth. She can feel his erection pressing against her wetness, asking for permission to enter, to which she tilts her pelvis away to deny him that. She kisses his mouth and in one swift movement flips him onto his back. Positioning herself on him, straddling his hips, she grasps his erection and pushes herself down onto him, taking his full length as he pushes up to meet her. The initial entrance always causes a little sharp stab of pain, but a delightful wonderous pain. Feeling him fill her, feeling how well he fits her, how perfectly built he is just for her. He grasps her hips, pulling her down, she rocks her hips and rotates. He pulls down on her, as he pushes up, getting faster and more desperate with each thrust.

Looking to her left, she notices the small bondage collection that she bought for him, she reaches across, not interrupting her rhythm. She reaches in to get the collar and the wrist cuffs. Undoing the straps with her left hand, she places them next to his head to his right. She takes his hands in hers and holds them above his head and rides him hard. Picking up the cuffs in her left hand, she slows down. Pressing herself fully onto him, she stops riding him and places the cuffs on his wrist. His eyes open. Looking at her through hooded eyes, she can see that he realises what she is doing. She also registers that he did not notice her getting the cuffs out of the bag, feeling pleased with her sleight of hand, and her distraction of him. She places the cuff on his right hand, doing up the strap and then crosses his left hand over and tightens up the strap. She pulls his wrists apart to show him that between the straps, there is a chain keeping them together. He looks up at her as she starts to ride him again, slowly pressing against his upper arms to keep them above his head. Grinding herself on him faster and faster, feeling him start to tense his body as she rides him into abandonment.

“Stay” whispers in his ear. Releasing her hands from his arms, placing her right hand against his crossed over wrists and her left hand she reaches for the collar which is just resting by the right-hand side of his head, she undoes the strap with her left hand, the whole time still riding him, and pinning his hands above his head. She sits up, holding the collar in her hands, she stops moving on him and waits for him to open his eyes. He opens his eyes, his pupils dilating with the recognition of what she is holding in her hands. She leans forward and places it the left of his neck, he raises his head. She pushes it under his neck and pulls it through the other side. Tightening up the strap but being careful to not restrict his breathing too much. She places her right hand on his collared throat and her left on his crossed over wrists. She slows her pace and leans forward towards him, “I claim you; you are mine! Look at me”.

He opens his eyes; she has now stopped moving on his erection. Positioning herself just above the tip, he pushes up, and she matches him by keeping his tip the only part being held inside her.

“You are mine! I claim you! Do you understand” she proclaims, her left hand grasping his wrists tightly and her right hand grasping his throat. He looks at her.

“Ye…. Yes…” he gasps

“Pardon?” she says while pressing on his wrists and throat more firmly.

“Yes miss, I understand” he whispers.

“You are MY property! And I am equally yours! Only yours!”, is all she manages to say before the passion building takes over and totally overwhelms her every thought with primal need and total oblivion which has been repressed for too long. All totally lost in this moment, no control now even possible.

“Yes, miss,” he says breathlessly.

That is literally all she needed to hear as she drops herself on him hard and fast, rocking her hips backwards as she descends and forwards as she rises. She can feel him pushing up and starting to wriggle under her hands, all that does is urge her on, pushing down on him riding him aggressively while pinning and gripping his wrists and throat. She can tell by his breathing and the fact that his body is convulsing that he is approaching his orgasm and that she is searching for her own release. He mutters something, but she cannot make it out, so she studies his face to try and understand what he is trying to say. Again, he mutters something as he presses his head back into the pillow, raising his chin. But she knows from previous experience that he is incapable of any sort of coherent conversation while in the process of being physical.

Leaning forward “pardon?” she asks. He looks at her and repeats what he said, but again she cannot make out what he is trying to say to her, all she heard was ‘mistress’. Curious as to what he is saying she slows her pace, he was still thrusting under her, not wanting things to slow. Realising that if she breaks the moment, then it could spoil what is happening. Although in the few seconds of clarity, it dawns on her that she has broken one of her most important rules. To never claim in the heat of the moment, as it won’t necessarily have the same value as it would if the situation weren’t lost in the passion of things.

Leaning forward, pulling herself off him holding only his tip inside her, reaching the cuffs she clumsily unclips the chain freeing his hands, it takes a couple of attempts as it isn’t a quick release. Leaning up, she starts to ride him again, faster this time. He looks at her and moves his hands, pausing, not knowing where to put them and reaches up towards her body she grasps his hands and places them on her breasts. He holds them tightly using them for leverage as he pushes himself into her, deeply. He moves his hands to her hips, gripping tight his thrusts becoming more urgent with each thrust. She lowers her hand to herself and starts to rub. Meeting his upward thrusts with her downward thrusts.

Feeling her orgasm rapidly approaching she demands, “cum for me”.

He instantly obeys, pushing himself faster and harder up into her, she meets his upward thrusts with her own downward thrusts. Aided by him pulling firmly down on her hips then pulling her back up, getting faster and deeper. Her orgasm starts to take over her entire body, sending ripples of pleasure pulsating through her body. He throws his head back, arching his back as her pulsating orgasm was enough to push him over the edge. Letting out a growl and grunt as he buries his seed deep inside her with his final thrust. His whole-body twitching and spasming, he slowly pushes into her again growling again, but shallow and slow, then pulling her down to him as he pushes up one final time, he shivers. Releasing her hips and dropping his hands to his sides, she leans forward, sweat beads covering both of their bodies. She kisses him on the lips, his hands moving up her sides onto her back. He rubs his hands on her with full flat palms, which sends shocks up her body as her skin gets over sensitive after orgasm. She has observed that after orgasm he always strokes her back with full flat palms, rubbing them over her back, which is always such an intimate and intense feeling, as her body is overly sensitive after finding her own release.

The thought of her breaking her own rule of the timing of the claiming process causes a pang of guilt and the realisation that for her the line has been crossed and there may be no coming back from that. Especially if he isn’t fully aware of what has just happened between them, and what it means to her with the line that they have just crossed. She rests her head on his chest, knowing that she may have inadvertently ruined everything, and feeling disappointed in herself.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. Whispering “fuck” in her ear as he squeezes her tightly. This is right where she wants to be, in his arms. Owning him, claiming him, having his total devotion and adoration only for her and for her to equally his.. But fear spreads its way into her heart and makes her ache. Maybe she should not have let him in. Maybe, possibly this might be the end. Maybe the line should not have been crossed. Maybe she put herself first and did not consider him, did not consider if he knows what claiming means. She is also quandaries what he said to her, what it means and if it is important, but does not want to spoil the moment by asking him. She will just have to think about it and consider what all of this could mean. Sighing to herself she inhales his scent, hoping that this is not the end of the relationships, hoping that this is the start of not only a dome/sub relationship but in essence a real true partnership where they can both explore and push boundaries into the unknown together. Leaning forward, she places a kiss on his lips, her breathing and heart starting to slow.

Climbing from him, she settles down in his left arm again. He turns towards her wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight. She feels his breath in her hair, smelling the shampoo, and kissing the top of her head gently. Tiredness sweeps over her, feeling sated (for now), she just lays in his arms. Contemplating what has just happened, what all of this means to her and where they go from here. She feels her eyes start to close and realises that this is bliss. This is what she has searched her whole life for, and that she will fight for it. She will now follow through and try and be brave, putting not only her heart on the line to follow this journey into the unknown.

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