Have sex with your Ipad

I saw an interesting article in the HuffingtonPost today. It’s about an adapter you can have for your fleshlight that you can pop your iPad or another tablet in while mounting your fleshlight underneath. It made me think about what a great idea, other than the fact that potentially you would struggle to see what was on the screen if you move the launchpad (would love to hear feedback on this guys and if you purchase from me, then you could get yourself a 30% credit for giving me a review)..

There are currently three accessories you can use that are designed specifically for use with the fleshlight. Its times like this that I wish I had my own penis as there is so much variety with the fleshlights, and now there are even other brands following suit.

The launchpad is in addition to the leg strap you can get for handsfree calls/videos or watching the game, and the shower mount which I think looks amazing. Especially if it was doubled up with the suction handles you can purchase.

Below is the article that I found and a link to have a look on their website to read the article.

Ever get the sense we’re getting too attached to technology?

Masturbatory aid purveyor Fleshlight has released the Launchpad, an iPad case that allows a man to attach his Fleshlight directly to an iPad, so that he can simulate sex with whomever — or whatever — is on the screen.

That’s right. While you’re not busy getting a handy from a robot or practicing oral sex on your smartphone, you can now just go ahead and bang your iPad.

The Launchpad — which runs $24.95 (£27.99) and does not include an actual Fleshlight — was two and a half years in the making, according to Deadspin.

“We gathered a lot of data and people are moving in masses to watching their adult content via mobile devices, so the Fleshlight LaunchPAD is the perfect accessory for men everywhere,” Fleshlight spokesperson Daniel Pacheco told Mashable. “We’re happy to see that men view this as an outlet of fulfilling their sexual fantasies and men’s pleasure products are getting more widespread acceptance just like women’s sex toys.”

An ad for the Launchpad garnered hundreds of thousands of views before being removed “because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” The NSFW ad, which can still be viewed on Fleshlight’s website, shows a long-distance couple about to engage in some sexy time via webcam.

The original article was written by Hilary Hanson 28/06/2014 14:09 BST

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