House Sitter

I was watching a friend’s place while he was away. You know the type — nice apartment, nice car, nice wife? I was supposed to watch the place for them for a few days. No big deal. Make yourself at home they said. No problem.

Into the second day of house sitting I got bored. So I looked around for something to do. I found a videotape and put it into the player. What the heck, thought I. Maybe it’ll have some cool flicks on it.

Man, was I surprised. This tape showed the man of the house and his wife in the undress doing really kinky acts.

After watching her tongue wrap itself around his cock (which I must admit, wasn’t the most impressive cock I’d seen, but who am I to talk) I began to get really horny. I guess I’d always wondered whether she gave good head. Now I knew. The picture cut to a close-up of her ass, and I watched as she spread her buttocks and revealed her asshole to the camera. Wow.

Then I saw the guy (Mike is his name) slowly insert his cock into her. I dunno. To tape that, I guess they put the camera on end facing upwards. I watched his balls rhythmically brushing her labia and felt my erection stiffen. So, I did what any one else would do – I relieved myself.

Next day

I have a friend over. Some girl I knew from High School. Her name is Arlene. We have Pizza and Cokes. And a little wine. She says let’s watch a movie I say sure. She hits ‘play’ on the VCR. Oh, god, I think. I did not take that tape out last night. The inevitable happens: we are treated to Mike eating his woman in close up view. I walk to the VCR to turn it off, but something holds me back.

Next thing I know, we are kissing. Then I am grabbing her shorts and yanking them off. She says no, but she meant yes. I hate that kind, but I am too turned on to notice. I take her to the bedroom and strip her. Her mouth quivers as I stroke her nipples and lightly chew on her slope of the shoulders.

She claws at my pants, taking a button off in the haste to remove the 501s. My cock makes an arch under my cotton fruit-of-the-looms. She pulls back the underwear to free my cock, which then pops out. She fondles my cock while she tells me that she had just two hours ago had sex with her steady boyfriend but that he fell asleep after coming and she never got to orgasm. I get the hint and go down on her. I usually hate giving oral sex. Just can’t deal with the smell sometimes, you know? But I could smell something different on her- I smelt the boyfriend’s cum on her.

Strangely enough, this turned me on. I ate her out quite thoroughly enjoying every drop of her juices and her boyfriend’s juices. I saw her arch her back and move her lips.

I inserted my very aroused cock into her cunt and fucked her ever so slowly. FASTER! she screamed. No way I said I want you to beg for it.

Please, Please, Please Fuck Me Faster. She moaned. Why? asked I.

Please fuck me faster, because I am a whore! I am a fucking slut and I want to feel a cock fuck me hard!! Please fuck me hard!! How could I resist? My cock plunged into her faster and faster as my balls bounced against her opening. Then she says stop. I’m like hey, wait a minute!

I haven’t, you know, cum yet. She says she wants to be spanked because she is a bad girl who fucks men besides her boyfriend. She says she wants to be tied up too. Please tie me up and spank my behind until I turn red she says and I want you to fuck me while I’m tied up- I want you to do me in the ass since I am such a bad girl!

Well, I am surprised at this. She always seemed like such a quiet girl in High School. But I do it- I get some climbing rope and bind her hands together, and then tie her feet each to a bedpost with her on her stomach. She gets an idea oh, why don’t you whip me with your belt? I was wearing a leather belt. That would really hurt I say I mean it is leather,. I deserve it. Please whip your little slut until her ass turns red. Whip her hard. Whatever the woman wants.

I do whip her – HARD. Soon red welts appear on her buttocks, which now start to blush to a bright red. I see tears in her eyes. don’t stop. please don’t stop whipping me. I’m such a whore! she cries. After a while I do stop. I hear her whimpering and half-sobbing.
She gets on all fours, still bound and spread on the bedposts. I spread her buttocks, which still show welts from her punishment. She gasps as I thrust my very erect cock inside of her. I have no mercy and quickly pull out and plunge in again. And again. And again. Her tears are now mixed with moans and she hoarsely whispers oh, fuck me. fuck me up the ass. please cum in your little slut’s asshole. After that, I orgasm as I pull my cock out, showering her naked back and neck with my seed. I untie her and she scoops my cum from her back and licks some of it.

We get dressed as the door opens. Our friends are now home.

Pity. But I am sure we will get together again soon.

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