How to Kiss and make Kissing Count

It is best to alter your pace and pressure over time. At times, follow the lead of the other person while at other times take control. Be careful, as heavy, passionate kissing can lead people to want or expect more in terms of physical intimacy or sex. It often creates desire in people that they may or may not be ready for or may or may not be able to control. The problem that most people have is that they see kissing as a means to an end not a separate activity or entity unto itself.

Men especially are often too rough, too fast and lack knowledge of the five P’s of kissing: Patience, Passion, Pacing, Pressure and Practice. A successful kisser has an innate sixth sense when it comes to being appropriately passionate. They react to their partner’s lead and don’t feel the need to dictate or control the action, but will if the situation dictates. They exhibit the perfect balance between tenderness and aggressiveness, between spontaneity and consistency, between sweetness and sensuality.

A passionate person does not begin by kissing or caressing the most sensitive locations first (such as the neck and ears). Rather they end up there after focusing adequate attention on areas that are often overlooked such as the corners of the mouth, lips (individually), temples, eye lids, fingertips and palms of the hand. Your tongue can be used during these kisses as well, just don’t become get too sloppy. Plus, they refrain from over-stimulating other parts of the body while kissing as not to divert their partner’s attention away from the kissing. Several common kissing mistakes that people make which are correctable are allowing themselves to have atrocious breath, leaping from kissing to other desires too rapidly, and engaging in excessive teasing. A bit of teasing can be quite arousing, but when taken to the extreme can become rather annoying.

People seldom take the risk to ask their partners what they truly enjoy or what brings them the greatest pleasure. They rely solely on trial and error. As long as your trial outweighs your error this method should work. Never be afraid to ask the person you are kissing what type of kiss they enjoy. They will only be too happy to inform you. The single biggest turn off expressed to me was kissing someone who had just smoked. One woman claimed that “Kissing someone who smokes is like cleaning out an ash tray with my lips and tongue.

I taste it for days.” One man described what he liked best about kissing when he added, “When a woman takes control, knows what she is doing and is creative, it’s the bomb! I feel as if I have gotten the day off!” To become an effective kisser, anticipate as well as you participate. Be as tender as you are aggressive and as able as you are willing. Be creative and truly care about the other person’s pleasure and happiness as much as you do your own, and always remember that to be a great kisser it takes practice, practice and a bit more practice! There is no way to teach kissing by reading words, you must try it for yourself. Good luck.

This greeting card message may sum it all up the best. The Kiss . . . Once upon a time there was a kiss that hadn’t happened yet. Two people wanted the kiss to happen, and they wanted it to be “Just Right!” The kiss didn’t worry about being “Just Right.” The kiss simply wanted to exist, to be the first of many such moments between two people who were already “Just Right!” And when their lips finally met (shyly introducing themselves to each other), it was like two voices singing two notes that sound better together than either would sound alone. There would be other kisses, but the two people would always remember this ONE, the way you never forget some songs, smells or sights. It was just a kiss, just a moment, but it was “Just Right!”

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