How to Play Sex Games

And while you like the sex, it’s not as exciting as it used to be. Not many people settled in long term relationships make time to have sex. The stresses and routine of every day life tends to take over.

Remember when you first got together. When you would sped ages planning what bra, or what underwear to wear under your clothes, just in case your partner might see it and you wanted to look good. Or that if you went over to their house to watch a movie that the two of you would end up having sex together. You just factored that time in. It was expected. It was something you looked forward too.

Tonight, set aside 2-3 hrs of your time aside and get ready to play.

The Rules:

Do not tell your partner the rules, do not tell him you are playing a game.

Make sure you are alone in the house. Get the grandparents to look after the children. Or if you can�t do that just wait until the children are in bed asleep.

Every time your partner changes the channel on the tv, or gets something to eat. (Substitute with whatever you like). Take off an item of your clothes.

Every time your partner talks about the tv, or food, or whatever you have used above take off an item of his clothes.

Don�t tell him why you are doing what you are doing. Never give him any additional information about what is in stores for him.

Once the two of you are naked, (don�t forget to wear the sexy matching bra and underwear) begin to give him a full body massage. This should start with the top back of his head, and finish on his front massaging his penis with your mouth. Take your time, explore all his body, toe sucking, calf rubs, underarm massage, nibbling on his neck, head massage and of course running your fingers along his lips.

After the massage give him with a present. The present should be one of the following: a sex video, flavoured condoms, glow in the dark condom, flavoured oil, cock ring, butt plug, hand-cuffs or even a home-made-coupon book that has all sorts of sexy ideas he could request (oral sex, kissing, dessert in bed). Note, that your partner may or may not be in the mood for sex. That is the risk you take with all games, but either way, the thing to remember is that he will know that you are trying to please him, and that I can assure you will be noticed!


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