In the rain

We had decided to go away for the weekend, as it had been lovely weather, we thought we would just go off with a duvet, disposable BBQ and sum food for the night & wine. The plans were to find a nice field somewhere where we wouldn’t be disturbed. 

We hadn’t been seeing each other long and as we were both recently out of long-term relationships, we had been taking it slow. Tonight, we were on a promise; this was to be our first ‘Proper’ night together. Me, you, the stars and a BBQ, what more could I wish for. 

The weather forecast said that it might be a little breezy but would stay dry. Pretty normal for May in the UK. So off we went. We loaded my car with the bits, I suggested a tent, but u decided it would be more romantic under the stars. 

As I live in the North of the UK and it’s all really hilly it wasn’t too hard to find a field trimmed with trees that was out of the way. We parked the car and walked about 1/2 of a mile to find a nice spot. We set down the duvet and got the BBQ and food out. We had a burger each, a hotdog each and some baked potatoes that had been cook earlier that just needed to be heated. 

We cooked the food and sat down to eat, making small talk about love life and stuff. We had a bottle of wine between us. It started to turn a bit chilly and we decided to snuggle up in the duvet. As we were by the trees, we were pretty sheltered from the wind but could still feel the chill. We just laid there talking and comparing life stories. 

By now I was feeling a little warm and fuzzy, not sure if it was because of the wine or the fact that the past 2 months had been a nightmare and I haven’t slept properly in weeks. I could feel myself starting to drift off to sleep; I could hear your steady breathing and was sure you too had dozed off. I don’t know how long we both slept but by the time we woke up the night had come in and got really dark, as there were no streetlamps for miles and no town anywhere near there was no source of light except the mood. Luckily the moon was quite bright. I had never seen anything that dark before. 

I was still lying in your arms and as I moved you woke up; u looked at me and kissed me on the forehead. I leant forward and kissed you back on the lips. It was so comforting and for the first time in ages I felt comfortable and relaxed. No phones going off, no one knocking on the door, nothing just silence. You, me and the stars. As I kissed you, I felt you lift your head and you shifted position slightly so instead of being on your back you were now beside me facing me. 

You put your hand behind my head and pulled me closer to you. Your tongue was dancing with mine, I had no idea this would feel so nice. Slowly you started to stroke my back and pull my hair ever so slightly. Before I knew it, I was filled with a desire and need I have never experienced before. I started to kiss you harder and deeper. You started pulling at my clothes and taking off my top and I was doing the same to you. Within minutes we were both naked, still locked in deep powerful kisses. 

I could feel the breeze on my naked skin, and it made my nipples erect. You noticed this and was obviously please as you took my stiff nipple in your mouth. I could feel you start to stiffen against my leg. You were nibbling at my shoulder then my neck then down to my nipple. I had goose bumps everywhere, partly because of my naked ness in the cool night air and partly with anticipation. I could feel myself start to get warm and wet. You started nibbling my breast while kneading the other in your hand. The you started moving lower. You were at my stomach now, licking and nibbling. I lay on my back and arched it to encourage you to move further down where my sex burned with an animal need. 

I felt your chin brush my now erect clit before you started nibbling the inside of my leg. The desire was nearly unbearable, all I wanted was to be put out of my misery and to feel your tongue taste me, I wanted you to burry your head in my sex and make me complete. First there was a finger tracing around my neat trimmed mound, then it brushed my clit. It made me shiver and I pushed my sex into your hand. I felt your finger slide inside me and the feeling.. ohhhhhhhhhh the feeling.. Was like nothing I’ve felt before. You started to lick me and circle my clit with your tongue while sliding you fingers in and out slowly. I arched my back even more to try and take you deeper. 

Just as I was getting close you stopped and came up to kiss me. I reached down to feel your hardness. As I touched it you took a deep breath. You were still kissing me and stroking my breast while I was stroking you. I rubbed the tip along my wetness and heard you take a sharp breath. I then remembered that the condoms I had bought were in my pocket. I started to reach around for my trousers, and you must have known what I was looking for because you leant over me and got one out of my trousers. 

I undid the wrapper while you lay on your back. I started to kiss your chest, your sides, you reached to grab my hair while I was kissing and biting slowly all the way down to your hardness. I climbed between your legs and licked the tip which was now wet with your excitement. I rubbed my stud all the way around the edge and could feel your body tense. I then slowly placed the tip between my lips and took you all the way into my mouth in one swift movement. I could feel you grabbing on to my long hair and pulling it as I pulled my head up to the tip again. I placed a condom in my lips and placed on the tip of your manhood. With one expert movement I took your full length into my mouth and rolled the Johnny down to the hilt. I could feel you deep in my throat and could tell by the groans that you were enjoying this. 

I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to feel you inside me, wanted to feel you throb and feel my muscles contract around your stiffness. I climbed on top of you I looked you deep in the eyes as you reached around me and griped my hips. I lowered myself over you so that the tip was just touching. I wanted to see how long you could wait. I started to rub myself against your tip and could feel you straining to try and bury yourself deep inside me. Each time you tried to reach up to slide inside me I also moved a little, so I was always just out of reach. 

I could tell this was getting too much for you as you were gripping me really tightly, then you pulled my hips down onto you while slamming yourself hard into me. With the mixture of pleasure and pain I let out a cry. You started to pull at my hips while thrusting into me. As we were moving together, I reached up and cupped both my breasts with my hands. I started to play with my dark very hard nipples, and you fuck me really hard and deep. 
I lean over your face and lift your head so that you can take my nipple in your mouth. I raise my sex above your reach and you slide out of me. I fell something cold on my back, then again. Its rain, the coldness of the drops mixed with the heat of my body is nearly enough to send me over the edge. I let out a large groan as a large droplet rolls down my back and between my bum cheeks. With one movement you move from under me and come up behind me. 

I’m on all fours while you press yourself against me. It’s raining quite heavy now I love the feeling of the rain. You guide yourself into me with one hand while grabbing a handful of my hair with the other. I raise my body so that I am kneeling in front of you and guide your hand to me aching clit. You start to rub it while thrusting into me deep. By now we are both soaking wet, but far from cold. I can feel your urgency now matching my own. 

I start to roll my pelvis to alter the angle as you enter me from behind. I can hear your groaning as you are hitting me at different angles. I’m quite close to coming now and can feel you’re not too far off. I reach down and start to rub my clit while you hold on to my hip and trust deeper and harder into me. Each time you go that little bit deeper, the pain is exquisite. I cannot take much more. I feel you speed up and can tell you are about to come. With one more thrust I feel my body start to twitch and get taken over by a fantastic feeling coming from my sex, I feel you thrust really deep into me as you empty yourself into me. I can feel you throb inside and feel my muscles contract around you. This is enough to send me over the edge and I come again pressing myself back onto you more so I can take you fully. 

For a few seconds I forget where I am, all I can feel is my heart beating and the heat from my body. Slowly my eyes adjust to the darkness and I become more aware of my surroundings. I can feel you leaning against me panting. U kiss my on my lower back and it sends and electric shock all the way up to my head. I shiver, cold and soaking wet. I hadn’t realised it was raining so hard. You withdraw from me and start to scramble around for your clothes. We both get dressed as quickly and stand up. 

But that’s when we realise, we can’t tell the way back to the car. It’s now really dark and hard to see anywhere. We notice some lights that look like they are coming from a house just passed the trees and decide to make a dash for it. We get to the house and it is a big old farmhouse and there are two lights on inside. Not knowing what the time is we hope somebody is still up. We knock on the door, and as the door opens we look at each other and notice that we have leaves in our hair and mud on our faces, it’s obvious what we have been doing. 

In front of us is a large man with a gun crocked in his arm. Behind him we notice a very large lady looking at us. The farmer doesn’t say anything just looks at us. You say “sorry to call this late but our can has broken down and we needed to go somewhere to get warm and dry”. You look at me, I see you eyes sparkle, if only they knew the truth. The woman come up behind her husband and tells him to go fetch some towels before we catch our death of cold. 

She welcomes us in, that is when we notice that your top is on inside out and neither of us have any shoes on. She looks us both up and down and with a ‘knowing’ look says, it must have been horrible your car breaking down in this storm. Her husband returns with some towels and some clean clothes while his wife pours what looks like soup into two bowls. We dry by the open fire and change into the dry clothes then sit at the table and make small talk for what seemed like ages. Nothing more was said about the fact that we had no shoes on and the state of us, but we knew they knew. The wife tells her husband to take us to the spare room and get the fire going. 

We follow him up to the top of the stairs and down a dark corridor into a large room. The room is filled with nick knacks and has so much stuff in it. There is a white fluffy rug just in front of the fire which the farmer has just lit. We say our goodnights and he go off. We sit on the rug in front of the fire and look at each other. We both start to laugh; they knew what had happened and what we had been doing. We lay there in front of the fire watching the flames; we can hear the wind and the faint rumble of thunder. So much for it staying dry tonight. I’m sitting between your legs leaning back on your chest and I feel you start to get hard against my back. I start to feel that warm feeling between my legs as I feel myself stir into action. 

You start to kiss my neck and I can feel your hands stroke my breasts. I turn around to face you and we start to kiss. You take of my top and state at me. You take off your top and I look at your beautiful chest. The flames in the fire flicker and make the shadows dance round the room. You lean forward and start to kiss me. I slowly lay back as you follow me. You lay on top of my with your hardness pressing against me. You undress me and take the rest of your clothes off to. You lean down on top of me and kiss me while sliding inside me very slowly and gently. 

I stroke your back while you make love to me slowly, savouring every moment. Kissing me, stroking me, being so close. I can smell the sweat on your skin from earlier. I feel your body start to tense and twitch and as you start to throb inside me I feel myself start to come as you do. You look me deep in the eyes as we both come. 

Afterwards we lay on our sides facing the fire with the large rug wrapped around us. For the first time in moths I am sated. I have had my fill! 

For Now!! 

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