Years ago she had to move to another city because of her job. She makes a lot of money but she wanted to have company. It doesn’t matter who or what kind of person. She’d had enough of masturbating and what she wanted now was to have sex.

She wanted to experience it again. Of course Amanda had sex once, when she was in college but that was years ago. She started to have all kinds of naughty thoughts. Being 30 doesn’t mean any fun at all she thought the next day Amanda decided to go find a hot guy.

She put on her sexiest outfit. Even without a sexy outfit guys would stare at her cuz she was a hot and sexy lady. She had long beautiful legs, sexy feet with perfect toes, nice tight ass with perfect nipples, and beautiful face with lips that you would like to eat.

While driving Amanda was thinking of guys that she would like to have sex with. She wanted this to be special…. she was thinking of younger guys…19 or 20 years old….

She parked in the parking lot and waited for guys to walk by. After some times she noticed a guy coming her way. He was in his early twenties. Without losing a minute, Amanda got out of her car and said to the guy: ” Hey sweetie, can I talk to you for a second?”

Without hesitating the guy said, “yeah, u need some help or something?”

“I was wondering if u would want to have sex with me tonight?” said Amanda. The guy started to sweat heavily. He didn’t expect this from a respectable lady like her. Of course he found her hot and sexy but to hear something like that coming from this very lady made him feel weak. He didn’t know what to say but decided not to reject the offer.

Amanda drove to her apartment with the guy. his name was Pete. He didn’t feel like talking to Amanda. He was so nervous. Amanda looked for her keys to open the door of her apartment. Her pussy was wet, her juice started dripping on her legs…. she was excited as hell. As for the guy he was in pain. In pain because his cock was so hard that it was hurting him.

As the door opened Pete didn’t give Amanda any time. He grabbed her ass and push her inside. they started kissing like they’ve never kiss before. They were both thirsty for saliva and Pete was biting and licking and kissing Amanda’s sweet mouth. Amanda thought she was going to explode….

She badly needed a dick inside her right NOW…. Pete was the rough type of guy he tore Amanda’s top open and squeeze her left breast while sucking and biting roughly on her nipples. Amanda was moaning with pleasure.

Without warning Amanda pinned Pete on the floor and ripped his shirt open. She start unbuckling his belt quickly while sucking on his nipples. Amanda helped Pete removed his jeans and she ripped Pete’s short and boxer violently down and took the huge juicy cock in her mouth and started sucking him. Amanda started licking and kissing and spitting on the huge beautiful shaft. She wanted to eat it all. She sucked hard on the cock but Pete didn’t want to cum in her mouth. He took his dick out of her mouth and pinned her down. Amanda was lying on her belly. Pete was like a hungry monster. He tore away Amanda’s skirt, tore her panties off and dug his face violently in her ass, sucking and kissing. Amanda felt like she was in heaven. Her eyes bulged out when Pete opened her ass wide with his hands and started sucking and licking hungrily on her anus and pussy at the same time. Her lover continued sucking and licking along her legs. He took Amanda’s high heel shoes off and started sucking her perfect feet. He licked every toe with lust and finally decided to rip Amanda’s pussy apart. Amanda turned and Pete got on top of her and held her wrist tightly. Amanda was waiting for this moment but Pete stopped right here in front of her opened pussy. He wanted to tease her. Pete asked Amanda:” What do u want me to do?”
“ohhh Pete….FUCK ME….FUCK ME HARD….I want your huge dick ripping apart my pussy” begged Amanda.

“Are you sure” Pete said as he noticed that the apartment door was half opened and anybody passing by could see them on the floor. He could have close it but thought that it excited him more.

“Pete…fuck…..FUCK ME YOU BASTARD…..I want u to FUCK ME HARD…I want to feel your dick ramming my pussy…just FUCK ME hard and make me pregnant….I want u to cum inside me” said Amanda

Without waiting anymore longer, Pete rammed his huge dick inside Amanda’s pussy and fucked her so hard that she started moaning and crying louder at the same time.

“oh yeah Pete….harder…I want u to fuck me harder..c’mon Pete…tore my pussy apart…cum inside me….make me pregnant…..”begged Amanda. She was in heaven….

Pete started thrusting harder and harder and harder and just before he came , he took Amanda’s breast and started sucking hungrily on her nipples. they kissed with their tongue, tasting each other’s saliva and suddenly Pete gave the hardest thrust and collapsed on Amanda. At the same time Amanda exploded, her pussy drinking all of Pete’s cum.

Amanda felt good again after years of loneliness. this was definitely the best sex she have ever had in her life. She liked it the rough way,,…..Pete’s way….

Amanda sees Pete almost every weekend for the sex but she planned to look for more other lovers to satisfy her.

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