Mistress Meredith

Before her group of girlfriends swung by to pick her up, she made sure I was arranged to spend a long and uncomfortable night at the apartment we shared.

I agreed to be her slave a few weeks ago, and how my life has changed since then! I am no longer the cheerful, energetic guy who wandered around campus saying hi to people and getting involved in sports and other activities.

No. I walk around with fresh red whip marks on my back and constant nabbing pain in my nipples as a reminder of the previous night’s tortures.

I invariably walk around barefoot, as a reminder that I have submitted my body to a wonderful but stern and cruel girl. Ah, but there is no one like my Mistress!

She is slender, sexy and beautiful. Her eyes reveal such power, such confidence that one can do nothing else but admire her and revere her as a goddess of the most profound beauty and splendour.

Every day I am assigned to clean her incomparably beautiful feet, to get rid of the black dirt and filth that is always on them at the end of each day. You see, my Mistress likes to walk barefoot around campus every day.

At the end of the day, her soles are black from being covered with the dirt that accumulates with every step she takes. Sometimes her feet arrive dirtier than other days, but generally, it is the same. I cannot use my hands to clean them, only my tongue and teeth (sometimes the dirt is so caked in that I have to bite it off!).

Our campus is located in sunny and beautiful San Diego, where it is possible to barefoot for most of the year. My Mistress takes very good advantage of this. Most of her friends also barefoot, they are all kind of hippie-like.

When I clean her feet my hands are always tied behind my back in handcuffs, and a pair of alligator clamps are attached to my nipples. Sometimes she chooses to attach weights to them, sometimes she doesn’t.

I am to finish my task fully and well; the clamps will not be removed until she is satisfied. There are times when she will whip me while I perform my duty, and again, she will not stop herself until I am done.

The worst is when her toenails are dirty, I really have to dig in then. She almost never paints her toenails, she thinks they are already beautiful without any additions.

She is, of course, right. She never clips her toenails, which is my job, which I have to perform with my teeth. This can be quite difficult, especially since I am almost always in pain and desirous to end it all quickly.

Every night, regardless of whether we have sex or not, I am left tied to the foot of the bed by my collar, which allows for a very little movement. My hands are always behind my back and my feet are often tied together.

If she is displeased with me she might hogtie me, or if she is really mad she will make me spend the night with my arms tied over my head to the ceiling. I usually never sleep when this happens due to the muscular stress resulting from standing all night long.

Now I lie here wondering when my Mistress will return from her night out with her friends. Tonight she has left me stretched out between the four corners of the bed. The dull ache in my arms has turned into an almost unbearable pain that I find impossible to ignore.

Last night I spent several hours suspended from the ceiling with my toes barely inches from the floor, and thus my tortured arms were already very sensitive, to begin with. Tonight she made sure that I was stretched as tight as it is possible without ripping my arms off…

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