Hey there Sexy!!!!

Grab a cuppa, sit down in your comfy chair and enjoy. Try not to get too moist!! Please feel free to browse our store where you will find thousands of products, from Lubricants and Condoms, to Sex Toys and love balls and right through to Bondage and BDSM. There is also our naughty newsletter, here…

Destiny is Kidding Us

I had such a strong desire, to dress up like a woman and to go out in the streets against my shy personality.  “Well….. it is a good idea. Everybody goes out dressed like an idiot during carnival, so why can’t I go out dressed like a woman” I said.  “Let’s go to do some…

Have sex with your Ipad

I saw an interesting article in the HuffingtonPost today. It’s about an adapter you can have for your fleshlight that you can pop your iPad or another tablet in while mounting your fleshlight underneath. It made me think about what a great idea, other than the fact that potentially you would struggle to see what…

In the rain

We had decided to go away for the weekend, as it had been lovely weather, we thought we would just go off with a duvet, disposable BBQ and sum food for the night & wine. The plans were to find a nice field somewhere where we wouldn’t be disturbed.  We hadn’t been seeing each other…

The Train Station

He was sitting at the train station; it was raining as it had been all day. He was wet and cold and hungry. Third time this week he hadn’t left the office till gone 9pm. That is 14-hour days. Steve lent back on the bench and thought about where he had been a year earlier, he had been with a wonderful girl called Carol who had the most amazing sense of humour you could imagine. Sure, she was a little rough around the edges, but she made him laugh. They had met at this very station when he had been rushing to catch his train and he had knocked her over as they passed in the crowd.

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