Shunga Body Powder Raspberry


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Delicious flavors Drying properties Natural feather included Turn your partner into a sweet dessert. Simply sprinkle the powder all over the erogenous zones, tickle with a feather, and indulge.



Inspired by Japanese erotic works of art from the 16th to the 18th century and designed for all the lovers of love-making, SHUNGA Erotic Art intimate products act as a medium between partners to increase sexual arousal during their most intimate union. Created with the idea that making love is an art, SHUNGA Erotic Art products were, and still are today, designed for couples wishing to add variety and sensuality to their sexuality, heighten sensations and make every pleasuring act a seventh heaven. Covered with SHUNGA artwork and sleek lines reminiscent of Japanese design, the packaging is a treat for the eye that is sure to enhance all bedrooms. Their contents are treasures for arousal such as aphrodisiac oils and edible body powders, love-enticing balms, oils and creams for sensual massages, stimulants, lubricants, and much, much more. Experience the divine fragrances, delicious aromas and tantalizing effects of SHUNGA Erotic Art!


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