The First Taste of Submission

Stepping into the shower, she can feel the anticipation growing in the pit of her stomach, and the excitement spreading elsewhere; although it is the second night together, she showered alone last night. The offer was there, but he did not take her up on it. Feeling conflicted she showers slowly, hoping that he will join her, although he was on the phone when she decided to have a shower so only time will tell. Wetting her hair so that she can wash it under the shower, feeling the hot water run down her naked body. She reaches for the new shampoo she bought especially for this trip away, knowing that he likes the smell of freshly shampooed hair, and wanting to make sure that she forms a level of bonding in his mind with the subtleties many disregards. The subtleties form the building blocks of the initial conditioning and training of a new sub. Forming and solidifying associations between an action and sensorial sensation aid with the conditioning as when it is associated deeply enough, the response can happen without the full stimulus.

A word, sound, a smell can instantly cause memory recall and stirring in the loins after an association has been formed. The devil is in the details, lay strong foundations, and the rest will follow, falling into place. Finding the balance between applying enough of the right pressure at the right time and then releasing the tension at the right time takes the ability to read your partner and a keen eye. The antics over the last handful of sexual encounters during the previous 24 hours is a talent and takes a level of intimate familiarity, they have been friends for a couple of years now, with mostly gentle flirting. So mental closeness has already formed, and she has taken note of the little things he has said all these times so have a few insights into what he enjoys. Although being a fresh face to the scene, he has no idea of what is available, so that will need to be worked on. The physical familiarity is only now beginning to form but has an excellent basis to start from.

After washing her hair, she moves to cleaning her body, making sure that if he joins her, she is clean, and if he doesn’t join her that she is ready to take advantage of him again once the shower is finished. Rinsing the shower gel off, she feels a pang of disappointment that he hasn’t joined her in the shower, shower sex has to be her favourite ever, the heat, the sensation of the water running down her body sends shivers down her spine. Especially when cool hands are touching her…. Caressing her…. Biting her neck…. Mmmmmm……. Her hand starting to move south as she feels the blood rushing as the arousal begins to rise with the thought of it. If only he was here right now, he should be pleasing her, but alas he is not, which is a disappointment, she does not like being disappointed. Her hand slowly moves lover, feeling the curve of her belly, an instant pang of uncertainty hits her, she is not slim, not attractive in the typical standards of beauty. What if he does not find her attractive? Desirable? Shaking her head, she ponders hat for a moment, as her submissive, she will demand that he find her attractive and he will obey, however, is he ‘only’ her submissive? She considers that for a moment. Brushing the fears away she decides there will be no space for doubt this weekend. It is all about introducing him into her world, easing him in….. Oh, she would most certainly like to ease him in.

Feeling the arousal rising within her core, she reaches down, fingers touching her mound of hair. Trimmed and kept neat but not totally bare as she still likes to feel like a woman. The anticipation is becoming too much, her finger gently parts herself and slides down into the warmth, touching her already engorged clitoris, causing her to catch her breath with the sensitivity. Pressing on her eager nub, she moves her finger and plunges it into her wetness. She caught her breath, feeling on the urge of surrender to the sensations. She decides to finish rinsing and not start playing as she will have to just take from him what she wants as she has no intention in going without. Turning the shower off, she slides the door to the cubicle open, the cold air hitting her wet hot body and sending shivers down her spine. The shivers are followed by small electric shots, and the instant tightening of her nipples which is an arousing feeling added to already feeling aroused it is almost too much to bear.

Stepping out of the shower she reaches for the towel and wraps it around herself, opens the door to go back into the bedroom and there he is, standing there by the door naked clutching his towel, looking nervous and unsure of himself. “I was just about to join you,” he says, a sadness in his voice. She glances at him, taking a few seconds to soak up the view, his tattooed body naked in front of her with the towel clutched in his hand draped covering his modesty. She thinks to herself that it’s a bit late for modesty now and that any modesty left she will strip from him. She notices he does not hold eye contact, and think to herself good boy, he is a very astute student.

“I can get back in” she replies, excitement growing in the pit of her stomach. A crooked grin spreads over her face, knowing the power she has right now, him asking for permission to join her.

“Are you sure?” he asks, glancing up to her face looking for some sign of approval. “I told him I needed to hurry up as you would be getting out”, he says nervously while searching her face for a reaction.

Removing her towel turns around and steps back into the shower. Looking over her shoulder, holding eye contact with him as she switched the shower back on. He smiles at her, his whole face lighting up. His eagerness is apparent in the way he drops his towel to the floor and follows her into the shower cubicle. She pushes him under the shower, she has already washed, and now she will observe him washing his body. Enjoy the view, paying attention to how his hands move over his wet body. He notices her watching him and smiles, maybe an uncomfortable smile but maybe and excited smile, it is hard to tell at the moment. He reaches for his shower gel, squirts some in his hand, the cooling mint smell hits her senses, now that is a smell that she will always associate with him. Leaning against the shower wall she allows her eyes to soak him up, the attraction she feels goes beyond their playful chatting over the last few years and she feels drawn to him not only as a man but also as her sub. Her gaze wanders lower, she notices that he is becoming aroused and that instantly turns her on. She wants to taste him, to hold him in her mouth, to take him to the brink of his pleasure, holding him there on the verge until she has reached her own satisfaction.

She looks into his eyes holding eye contact as she kneels before him, looking up and him while he looks down at her. She cups his balls in her hand, squeezing gently, then reaches her other hand and finds him hard, wanting, eager for her touch. She smiles to herself, with the realisation that she has the power to arouse him easily now, admiring the control she already has over him. She leans her head forward, but instead of taking his cock in her mouth, she takes on testicle in her mouth, running her fingers over his shaft and feeling his precum. Rubbing it around his swollen tip with her thumb. She moves to his other testicle, taking it gently in her mouth while grasping his shaft tightly but not moving her hand, she feels him strain against her hand, attempting to push himself into her hand. With her arm relaxed, she lets it move with him, not allowing her hand to move against him and stroke him. She drops his testicle from her mouth and reaches with her free hand and grips the testicle squeezing it firmer this time, to let him know that she did not give him permission to move, to try and get his own satisfaction. He gasps, and his eyes widen, she looks at him and shakes her head slightly. Cupping and squeezing both his testicles in one hand she brings her other hand to the tip of his cock, rubbing her thumb around the glands, paying particular attention to his frenulum. She tightens her grip and slides her hand quickly and firmly down his shaft, twisting her wrist as she approaches the hilt. As she gets to the hilt, he thrusts his pelvis forward, she can take the hint. She contemplates just teasing him to punish him for making her wait! Very naughty! But he is still new to all of this, and she does just want to feel him. She holds both his testicles in one hand holding them in a firm but even grip, using the other hand she grabs his cock and leaning forward places her pursed lips over his fully erect tip. Sliding her hand down in one movement, followed by her mouth, taking his full length into her mouth. He places his hands to his side, clearly not knowing what to do with them, feeling unsure of himself. She lifts her head away from him with her hand following and swipes her tongue across the ridge of his head with her tongue, pressing her stud along the ridge. Then her hand moves back down his shaft, twisting her wrist while following with her mouth. She repeats this for a few more times, taking him deeper and stronger with each time, she can tell that he has rested his head on the wall arching his back so he can push deeper into her mouth.

She reaches her hand up and grasps his, pulling his hand to her hair and squeezing, so he knows she wants him to hold her hair tight. She looks up at him, as he looks down at her and moves both hands up to his ass and pulls him into her mouth while sucking hard to pull him in, pressing her tongue along the underside of him. She takes his full length into her mouth while holding complete eye contact the entire time. She can feel him hit the back of her throat, with him pushing forward to get deeper and her pushing down onto him he hits the back of her throat, making her gag, tightening her throat around his glands and she feels her lips tightening at the same time. She pulls her head away, he is still holding her hair, but now with both hands, she swipes her studded tongue across his tip and pulls him deep into her mouth again with her hands, him hitting that back of her throat again, making her gag. He holds himself there for a few seconds, pushing deep into her throat, trying to get as far as he can possibly reach.

Relaxing his grip and she pulls her head away again, swiping her tongue, still sucking she pulls her mouth off him, making an audible lip smack sound. She slides her hand down his shaft, twisting at the base, then brings it back up. Placing her pursed lips around hi, resting them on her hand she sucks him into her mouth, pulling him into her mouth, taking his full length again She starts to speed up, sucking and twisting she feels his thighs start to tighten and he leans his head back further and pushes his cock further into her mouth. She stops, she knows that he is approaching climax, but she is not finished with him yet. Standing on shaky legs, she stands in front of him and looks into his hooded eyes, his mouth loose and slightly parted, she can hear his breath not quite gasps but rapid, shallow breaths. She leans forward and bites his bottom lip, not gently, pressing her body to his she can feel the muscles in his body twitching and spasming, and she knows that she got him close. He lifts her leg and rests it on his hip, grasping her ass he pushes himself into her in one powerful movement. He starts to thrust quickly, clutching her to him the whole time. The water from the shower is cascading down their naked bodies as he thrusts desperately into her. Starting to lose herself, she releases that he did not ask, he just took. That isn’t allowed, so she places one hand on his chest with the other on his shoulder to steady herself and pulls herself off him. She stands in front of him, and he wraps his arms around her. She can feel his heart racing in his chest pressing against her naked body, his erection desperately pressing against her stomach. She turns to the side and pulls him around the back of her. Standing, she puts her arms up and around his neck, starting to grind herself on him while he reaches around to feel her breasts.

Rubbing herself against him, she can feel him searching for her sweet spot to sink himself into, she needs to feel him. She releases herself from his grip and leans forward, adjusting her stance to ensure she has a strong footing on the floor, reaching up for the mixer unit to ensure she has balance reaching down with her free hand feeling slick with excitement.  He reaches for her hips, gripping tightly as she pushes back, pressing herself against his shaft. Raising herself and then grinding down, she can feel him searching for her, desperate to bury himself deep insider her. His tip finds her slick, he bends his knees slightly trying to get the angle where he can plunge deep inside her, she realises this and adjusts the angle of her hips so that he will miss. He plunges forward, almost burying himself, but she does not allow him any release, and so he misses. He pulls pack and plunged again, again she adjusts her angle so that he misses. She pulls her hips forward and pushes herself under his shaft, so he is now resting between her ass cheeks. Rocking her hips, she can feel him pressing against her, meeting her grinding, building up a rhythm. She reaches down with one hand, the other still holding onto the shower mixer and starts to rub herself. The intensity and pressure increasing with each rocking, him meeting her thrusts.

Leaning forward, she grasps his cock in her hand, the hand now slick with her excitement, wrapping her fingers around him she can feel how slick he is with his own excitement. Gripping him tightly, she pushes her hand down past his glands, down his shaft as he pushes himself into her hand, letting out a groan. She withdraws her hand, so only the tip is encased on her tight grip. She feels his hands tighten on her hips, knowing that he is getting ready to plunge and attempt to bury himself deep inside her. She meets his thrust with her hand, allowing him only the feel of her hand caressing him. Withdrawing her hand to the tip, twisting her hand around his engorged glands, she guides him to her entrance.

“Do NOT move!” she demands through gritted teeth.

He holds still, his body tense, and she can feel his fingers starting to twitch and grip tighter as he holds onto her hips. Holding him tightly she presses him against her entrance, so only the tip is encased, but only slightly she starts to move her hand faster down his shaft, twisting as she reaches the base, repeating and getting faster and stronger with each movement. She can feel that he is poised, ready to plunge as is struggling to maintain his composure, her own control beginning to wain she increases her pressure on him, holding him in her hand, she holds him adjusting to him being at her entrance, and in one deep, slow movement she pushes her hand back, followed by the rest of her body taking him fully and deeply into herself. He groans loudly as does she, he pushes himself deep into her and gripping her tightly holding himself inside her. She moves back onto him as he pushes forward, he has varied himself as deep as he can. Tilting her hips forwards, she withdraws herself from him, tilting back she pushes onto him again, he pushes into her. Rocker her hips, while using the mixer for support, she starts withdrawing and pushing back harder, rocking herself onto him as he meets her thrust for thrust. His grip tightens, and she feels him adjust his feet, still maintain the rhythm. Each thrust getting harder and faster, she can feel her own orgasm beginning to grow, her clitoris aching for attention and for release.

She stops rocking her hips, so the thrusting is shallower and pulls herself off him. Standing slowly, she turns to face him, his hands no leaving her body. She looks at him, his jaw is tight, his eyes hooded, he looks at her. She leans forward, places her hand on his cheek pulling him close for a kiss, she finds herself enjoying the tenderness within him, having never experienced this type of relationship before she wraps her arms around him, just wanting to feel him. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight, kissing her head. He shivers, and she realises that they are no longer standing under the shower. Maybe it is time to get out of the shower, she certainly needs to take over and find some satisfaction, and maybe she will allow him some release himself. Maybe…….

Sliding open the shower door, the cool air hits her. He is now standing under the shower just rinsing himself off. She grabs a towel off the rail and wipes her body down, not particularly to dry herself fully, just to remove the majority of the water. The shower is turned off, and she hears him step out of the shower. She can feel him standing behind her and turns to give him a towel. He starts to wrap the towel around his waist but now she has different ideas. She places her towel on the toilet seat moving around him so that his back is facing the toilet seat. He looks unsure of himself and what was expected of him. She pushes him onto the toilet seat, unwraps his towel and climbs on top of him.

“My turn to drive”, she whispers in his ear as she positions herself over him, holding his throbbing length in one hand, with the other hand on his shoulder for support. She slams down on him, swallowing down, taking his entire shaft. He throws back his head and as he growls, a deep primal growl. She is so close to losing her control and taking the new plaything too far too quick. He reaches around grasping her ass and pulling her, not him as he thrusts up deeper into her. She rides him getting faster and deeper until she can see him starting to tighten his face and his breathing coming in shallow gasps. She lowers herself on him, fully and holds him in place while he wriggles under her trying to thrust but she will not allow that, she is going to keep him there, make him look at her and make him beg.

“look at me,” she says to him quietly in his ear, trying to steady her voice and calm her racing heart, “LOOK AT ME NOW!”, she demands. He opens his eyes, heavily hooded with pure passion and looks into her eyes.

“What do you want?” she purrs to him, he is unable to talk, primal groans and gasps ae the only things escaping his mouth, “what do you want??” she says again, she doesn’t like asking twice, this new plaything, this new potential sub needs to be trained, needs to learn how to behave. Reaching her hand up to his throat to get his attention, to command his obedience, to show him what she is expecting of him, she says, “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?”.

“You…. You…. You….” He mumbles, struggling to compose himself, working to form the words. His skin glistening with not only the water spray from the delightful shower but also from fresh perspiration from the fucking she has just given him. “Mistress please, you, I want you, I NEED you, please, mmmm please”.

The pure desperation in his voice excites her immensely, the power she commands, the control she has over this young untrained eager sub is exhilarating. Lowering herself slightly then raising herself above him, then slamming down hard on him, rising again, lowering slightly she can feel him trying to pull her body down onto him. She slides down on him, slowly pushing all the way down, then back up slowly, circling her hips to variate the pressure on him. Down again, back up, all the time he is trying to plunge himself deeper into her, but she will not allow him that satisfaction. She reaches down, feeling her swollen clitoris, demanding attention she starts to rub it. He cups her ass, pulling her to towards him as she rubs herself, getting closer to her own release. She leans back, trusting him to support her while he pulls her onto him and then pushes her away.

“look at me,” she says firmly. Immediately he obeys. She orgasms, looking into his eyes as she feels electric shocks pulsating in her pussy, the feeling spreading throughout her entire body. Her skin immediately becoming hypersensitive, and she leans forward, feeling herself spasm around his hard cock. Holding him still in position, she can feel him wriggle, trying to push into her. She can feel his need for release, his heart beating, his cock searching for attention inside her.

“Please, Miss, please”, he replies pleading, “I need this…… I need YOU”. 

She starts to slowly circle her hips rotating with him inside her, he throws his head back, grasps her ass and starts to desperately drive himself deeper into her, feeling his orgasm beginning to grow she decides that she needs to stop and she needs to teach him how to behave and to wield to her desires and put her needs before his own. She needs to teach him a gentle lesson that will become the start of their new journey and will form the basis of his conditioning to prepare him for the trials to come. She stops, stands up, looks at him and can see the disappointment in his face. She kisses him on the nose, smiling and turns around. She grabs her toothbrush, puts toothpaste on it and starts to brush her teeth. She finishes brushing her teeth, aware that he is still sitting on the toilet seat, she can still hear his short, shallow breathing. She turns and walks out of the room, leaving him bewildered sitting on the toilet seat. Hoping that he will take the hint and follow her, her legs are jelly, she can feel herself flooding with excitement, the heat travelling down, awaiting the next stage in their play. She hears him brushing his teeth as she climbs on the bed. He walks into the bedroom, steadying himself on the wall as he struggles to gain his composure. She can tell that she has managed to push him further so far than he is used to being pushed, ‘step onto my web, I’ll keep you safe, the spider said to the fly’ goes through her mind. He drops onto the bed, she climbs on top wasting no time and slides him into her, slowly watching his face as his eyes roll into the back of his head and his head tilts back as the waves of pleasure radiated through his body. She can feel his muscles starting to twitch as she starts to grind herself on him slowly and purposefully, starting to speed up. He reaches round to grasp her ass as he starts to pump deep into her pulling her onto him while pushing up into her.

Sitting up matching his pace and force, “look at me” she says, panting as she rides him. He opens his eyes, she starts to stroke her breasts, he closes his eyes “LOOK AT ME!”. He immediately obeys, which send a shiver down her spine, he is learning his place, his purpose. “Watch me,” she says as she leans her head back, kneading her breasts as she rides him while he is pushing himself up into her, getting faster and deeper.

She slows, being in control of the pace, being in control which empowers her. She takes his hands from her ass, he opens his eyes, questioningly as she slows the rate. She holds both his wrists and moves them above his head, still slowly grinding against him. She feels him push up to meet her as she slides down onto him. Holding his arms above his head, him completely surrendering to her desires, him offering himself fully to her. She crosses his wrists above his head and held them both in her left hand, very firmly. She places her right hand on his throat, gently at first to feel his response, to gauge his resistance, he opens his eyes, his pupils fully dilated in the bliss of the moment. He raises his head, exposing his throat to her fully, accepting his position, offering himself, submitting to her will. That was all she needed, she grasps his throat, applying pressure to the sides to not interfere with his breathing, but to make the point that right now he is hers! For the moment he belongs to her! He is her property to do as she wants with him. With her left-hand restraining both his wrists and her right-hand putting pressure on his throat she starts to ride him, hard, fast, the passion starting to completely take over. She can feel his breathing getting faster and faster, and she knows he is approaching his climax. But he is not allowed, not yet she isn’t finished, she needs to get further in his mind, to show him that right now he is here for only HER pleasure! She needs to push him further and hold him there, prolong her control and his total submission.

She releases his hands, “do not move” she whispers in his ear, takes her right hand, and places it on his throat, and places her right hand on her engorged clitoris which is begging for attention. She raises her pelvis so that she is holding just the tip of him inside her and starts to rub herself, needing the release. “open your eyes, look at me” she states, he complies. He tries to push himself up deeper into her, she raises herself to match him, she knows he was close, but it is her turn. His arms are still above his head, what a good boy.

“Look at me and do not move”, she starts to rub herself getting quicker and quicker, feeling her orgasm beginning to build. He closes his eyes, throws his head back, she knows that he can feel her starting to tighten around his tip. She can feel all his muscles starting to twitch.

“LOOK AT ME!!! DO NOT MOVE!!! DO NOT CUM!!!”. He obeys, she is sure right now he would do anything she asked of him. Rubbing herself faster and faster, getting closer and closer, she can feel his body convulsing as he is fighting the urge to find his own release and to obey her, even though she is not yet his mistress, although there is minimal question that she will claim him, and make him hers.

She releases his wrists, sits up, still maintaining the distance, “LOOK AT ME”, he looks at her, biting his lip, trying to maintain control of himself and she can see that he can take no more. She is about to climax now “move” she whispers through gritted teeth, slamming herself onto him, taking him fully, as her orgasm takes over her entire body, flooding her with waves of pleasure. That was all he needed to hear, he reaches around and starts to pump into her furiously as her waves of pleasure continue with each movement. He grasps her ass tightly as his orgasm takes over, pushing himself as deep into her as he can, finding his own release. His body twitching and spasming under her, feeling him throbbing and pulsating inside her as she spasms on him. Pushing down on him as he pushes up both revelling in the sensations flooding their system. She leans forward and whispers into his ear, “MY good boy”.

His grip loosens on her, and his body still twitching starts to relax. She raises her soaking wet fingers to his lips, rubbing them on his mouth, he opens his eyes, heavily hooded with satiation and satisfaction and watches her. She leans forward and licks her fingers, tasting herself on them, but also tasting him. His tongue is licking her finger as hers is. She removes her hand and kisses him on the lips, climbs down and tucks herself into his arm. Placing her hand on his chest so she can feel the satisfaction of his laboured breathing and knowing that she has taken him to places and limits that he has never been before and without her will never be able to attain again. Feeling satisfied with herself, satisfied with him, and generally satisfied she settles down to rest for a couple of hours, until the next time…… Although the next time, he will ask for permission to orgasm, yes, she will control that also.

Kissing the top of her head, smelling the scent of her hair he sighs, a deep satisfied sound as he whispers, “wow”. Holding her tight in his arms, squeezing and then releasing. Closing her eyes, she relaxes into him, considering the next time, and starts to plan the scenario.

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