The Game

Sarah glanced at her watch, 9.15pm, he was 15 minutes late, she hates it when Sam is late. She glanced around the bar from where she was perched on a tall bar stool. It was busier in here than she thought it would be, especially for a Thursday night. It was a nice bar, kind of retro looking. It was very popular around here, everyone she knew came here on a Friday and Saturday. That was why they had chosen to meet here.

She checked out that there was no one she knew, but just then someone caught her eyes. He was probably in his early thirties with short black hair. He had beautiful brown eyes, he held her gaze for a few seconds. She felt a chill up her spine as she realised she was staring at this guy and he was aware of it.

He raised his glass in her direction and nodded at her. Sarah looked away, feeling her cheeks redden and warm. She sat there cursing herself for staring so long, but there was something about him that caught her attention.

She felt a breeze on her naked back and realised there was somebody standing behind her. She spun around to ask her date why he was so late,

“What time do you”?.” She stopped mid sentence and realised it was the guy she had been staring at, “Oh, I’m sorry” she felt her cheeks redden again “I thought you were someone else”.

“No problem”, said the stranger looking deep into her eyes “my name is Ben,” he said holding out his hand “you on your own?”

She took his hand but instead of him shaking it he raised it to his lips and kissed it gently, holding her gaze the whole time.

“I’m Sarah; I am waiting for my friend, who’s late!” She smiled at that last bit.

He released her hand, and offered to buy her a drink. She accepted, he ordered a white wine spritzer for her and a scotch for himself. They walked away from the bar and back to Ben’s seat. It was a low table and sofa like chairs, the kind you would get in a conservatory. They sat and made small talk for a while, just general stuff, work life that kind of thing.

Sarah glanced at her watch, it was now 10pm, an hour late. She was now on her 4th or 5th drink and was now onto vodka and coke. Ben was very charming, he worked here in the city as an accountant. She worked just up the road as an advertising manager for a media company, but she lived about an hour on the train away.

By about 11pm Sarah was feeling pretty drunk and by now the conversation had turned flirtier, they had moved tables to sit on a sofa with a long low table. They sat next to each other, both sitting Sid wards to face each other. Ben?s hand rested on Sarah?s ankle and his other arm was along the back of the sofa.

Sarah realised that she actually fancied Ben and started to fantasise about touching and tasting him while she watched him talking to her. She could feel herself getting excited at the thoughts that were running through her mind.

She had stopped listening to what he was saying and just started to stare at him, he paused for a moment. She realised that he had probably asked her a question and was waiting for the answer. She lent forward and said,

“Sorry I was far away, I was watching you talking and?..” she looked up at him, he smiled at her, and she didn’t finish her sentence as the look in his eyes said he knew exactly what she was thinking. He started to stroke her ankle and up her leg to her knee.

“Do you wanna get out of this place? It?s pretty crowded and noisy in here, we can go somewhere else, I have a hotel for the week as I’m in the city with meetings all week, so you are welcome to come back to the bar there if you like?” He said as he smiled at her. She thought to herself, yes she would like, she would like very much.

“Yes, come on then. Let’s go.” She stood up and grabbed her coat, he stood up too, downed the last of his drink and turned to her. She noticed a bulge in his trousers, so he did know what she had been thinking, because he had obviously been thinking along the same lines. Ben saw that she had noticed and as she raised her eyes to look at his face he was smiling cheekily at her.

They walked towards the door with his hand on her back the entire way. As they walked outside the chill hit Sarah, she realised that she had no underwear on as the breeze blew up her skirt. She felt her nipples harden in the cool night air. She put her coat on. Ben glanced at her ample breasts and saw her nipples protruding through the material. He smiled and looked at Sarah.

“What do you expect, I’m cold.” Sarah said cheekily.

“And I thought it was just me.” Ben replied playfully.

They started walking down the road, talking playfully all the way. Ben had said that he was staying in the Bull hotel which was about a 5 minute walk in the direction they were going. Ben then turned off the main road and onto a smaller street, it was pretty deserted, not a soul in sight and Sarah wondered why the change of direction.

They walked down a little further and came to a car park.

“This is the car park for the Hotel, the bar is this side and it is a much quicker route, as you were cold I thought we should get here as soon as possible”. Be said.

“Ahh ok, I wondered where we were going.”

Just the Ben paused and looked at Sarah, “can I kiss you? I’ve wanted to do it all evening.” He didn’t wait for a reply he just scooped her face in his hands and kissed her on the lips. She responded by opening her mouth to allow his tongue to enter. He kissed her gently at first, but soon she was hungry for more, she put her arms around his waist and pulled him close to her.

So they were clawing at each other, she could feel he was as excited as she was, all she wanted was to feel him inside her. He must have felt the same way because in seconds she had undone his fly and he was lifting her skirt up. He found her wet place and found that she had no knickers. He pulled his face away from hers for a few seconds to say,

“No underwear, you naughty, naughty girl”. Then in one swift move he lifted her up into his arms and moved her back against the wall. She wrapped he legs around his waist as he lowered her onto his hard shaft. She took the full length feeling him fill her perfectly.

She lent back against the wall as held onto his shoulders as he thrust deep into her.

Suddenly she saw car headlight approaching.

“Stop some ones coming” she whispered to Ben. He stopped thrusting, breathing heavily into Sarah’s shoulders. He knew there was no way to be able to get his trousers pulled up in time so he just stood there hoping no one would see that fact that his trousers were at his ankles and that there were a pair of knee high boots wrapped around his waist.

The car drove past, he had no idea if they saw anything but they didn?t slow, He lifted his head and saw the car parking, so the car had reversed into its space and its occupants had got out of the car and were walking to the back of the hotel laughing.

“That was close, shall we go to your room?” Sarah asked realising that they were out in a pub car park and it would only be a matter of time before someone came out and saw them.

Ben looked at her and thrust himself deep into her a couple more times. This time deeper and much slower. She liked that pace, but it felt too familiar.

He stopped and then withdrew. She lowered herself to the ground, straightened her clothes and hair. Ben pulled up his trousers, forced his still erect member back into his boxers and did up his trousers. Sarah took off her coat and handed it to Ben.

“Hold this in front of you as we go it,” she winked as he took the coat from her.

They walked into the bar and Ben turned to Sarah, “Did you want to get a drink before we go up? We can take it with us if you like? The mini bar isn’t too good in these places”.

?We can do.? Sarah?s heart was beating fast, she was so wet and horny and wanted to go finish what had begun.
Ben got two drinks and started to make his way up the stairs still holding the coat in front of him. Sarah followed him up the stairs then down the hall on the right and Ben stopped at a door. He reached into pocket and got his keys out. He undid the door and opened it for Sarah to walk through.

Sarah walked into the room and Ben followed, he locked the door. As soon as they were in Ben dropped the coat on the floor, put his drink down and walked straight over to Sarah. She was still holding her drink in her hand when he started to kiss her. He started to pull at her clothes and she wanted to touch him back but couldn?t because she had the drink in her hand. Ben undid her skirt and it fell to the floor, he pushed her back onto the bed, but as she fell backwards the drink spilt on her top and legs.

Ben took what was left of the drink from her and placed it down beside the bed.

“Look at the mess you have made, we will need to clean that up.” Ben lowered himself to the floor and began licking up the spilt drink of Saras leg, moving higher and higher. Sarah parted her legs hoping that Ben would want to kiss her sacred spot, it was so wet and aching to be touched. He moved his face over it but didn?t kiss here there.

He worked his way up lifting her wet top over her head and he licked and sucked her breasts. She reached down and undid his trousers, she pushed them lower, past his hips and he shrugged them off. She felt his hardness hit her thigh as his removed his boxers. She started to stroke Ben, he pushed his hardness into her hand as she slid her hand back against him.

She lowered him and placed him at the entrance to he wet hole and with one thrust he was fully inside her. Her legs were hanging off the bed and Ben was kneeling on the floor between her legs. He was holding onto her waist while he thrust deep inside her. This time much quicker than before, more urgent.

She reached up and started to fondle her breasts, obviously this was to Ben?s liking as he started to fuck her even harder. With her spare hand she reached down and started to touch her clit. She felt herself nearly cum there and then. Ben must have felt this because he stopped, withdrew and pushed Sarah over on to her belly.

She knelt on the bed and Ben stood behind her, he slid into her gently, and withdrew, then pushed his way back in again. This time he was slower and taking his time, with each slow thrust she felt him fill her completely and thought to herself what a great match. Every time he withdrew and re entered her she felt electric from her groin all the way up her back.

She pushed herself back onto him, meeting him as he pushed into her. He reached round leaning on her back still thrusting as he played with her clit. He was such a master at knowing what she liked and how much. She could feel her orgasm growing and reached her hand to touch herself hoping that Ben would grip her hips and fuck her like she wanted to be fucked.

He obviously knew exactly what she was thinking because as she reached herself he placed both his hands on her hips and started to thrust deeper and faster. As he filled her with his whole length she felt a little pain, with each deep thrust she felt it, but it was nice.

She started to frantically rub her clit getting closer and closer.

“Not yet hun.” Ben whispered as he felt her almost reach the edge, “wait for me”.

She obeyed slowing the rubbing and letting her orgasm ebb away. She felt him start to tense up and quicken up a bit and new that he was close so she started to rub herself again.

The he pushed into her so deep she thought she could feel him in her stomach, and felt him start to pulsate inside as he came, that was it. The pulsating and the pain from taking him whole was enough to push her over the edge.

Sarah grasped the bed with her hand and pushed back on Ben as she her orgasm came upon her, she had not felt anything close to this for years. Ben slowed with suited Sarah. She could feel droplets of sweat drop on her back from Ben.

He placed his head on her back and kissed it. “I need a shower now.” Ben said as he withdrew. She felt the cum ooze out of her and onto her hand which was still there.

She stayed like that until she heard the shower run, and then followed Ben into the bathroom. Ben was already washing himself, ?I hope you don?t mind, I thought I would join you? Sarah said as she climbed in.

They stood in the shower washing each other, Sarah noticed Ben start to get hard again and took this as a queue to get out of the shower, plus it was getting a bit cold as she had left the door open.

Sarah got out, dried herself, aware the whole time of being watched. She walked into the bedroom and climbed in the bed. Still damp but now feeling very tired. She heard the shower being turned off. Sarah started to doze off but heard Ben enter the room.

He sat on the bed, dried himself off and climbed in the bed. He lent over to Sarah and kissed her on the forehead. She woke up and looked up at him. After all these years she still knew she loved him.

“So Sarah, have I still got it after all this time?” Ben said smiling.

“Babe you never lost it, I love you.”

“Isn’t it nice not to have the kids to wake us up in the morning?” Ben said looking at his wife of nearly 6 years.

“Yes, it’s my turn next week, and I know exactly the game we will play then”, Sarah smiled as she said it, planning their next weeks game.

Ben lay in the bed and held Sarah tight, he was glad that he had the chance to have one of his biggest fantasies fulfilled by the woman he loved.

They both fell asleep content.

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