The Train Station

He was sitting at the train station; it was raining as it had been all day. He was wet and cold and hungry. Third time this week he hadn’t left the office till gone 9pm. That is 14-hour days. Steve lent back on the bench and thought about where he had been a year earlier, he had been with a wonderful girl called Carol who had the most amazing sense of humour you could imagine. Sure, she was a little rough around the edges, but she made him laugh. They had met at this very station when he had been rushing to catch his train and he had knocked her over as they passed in the crowd.

Things had been really good for two months, then he woke up one morning and she was gone. She left a note, one of those ‘Dear John’ letters that go on about the fact that it isn’t you it’s me. She had gone back to her husband. He couldn’t believe his luck; he had never had much luck with women. The long unsociable hours that his job in IT demanded meant that he didn’t have any time for anyone. So as usual he threw himself into his work. The loneliness subsided when he was fiddling with computer parts or implementing new software. It was only when he sat here at the train station in the rain that he felt alone.

A couple cuddling and laughing walked past hi. He felt the familiar pang in his chest. The yearning for someone to hold, someone to sit in the rain with and help keep warm. But there was no one. He glanced around to see if there was anyone else on the platform or if he could see any signs the train was on its way. Down the far end of the platform just coming over the top of the stairs he could see someone. They paused and started to approach him. Steve cursed to himself, the last thing he want to have to do was make small talk with some train spotter.

He heard footsteps but didn’t look up, he just looked straight ahead, hoping that they would walk on past. The footsteps stopped just in front of him. He realised that he was sitting on the only sheltered bench which was why he sat there. He sat up a little and moved over to the left so the stranger could sit if they wanted to. He kept staring ahead not wanting to initiate a conversation. He wanted to be alone, he didn’t need distractions and was used to his life being how it is.

The stranger took the hint and sat beside him; he could smell a faint perfume smell. It was warm and sweet, almost oriental. It was very faint but enough to make him wonder if his neighbour was in fact female. He had just assumed that because the shape at the top of the stairs was quite broad that it was in fact male. The stranger cleared their throat, this was defiantly the sound of a woman. Then she said,

“Excuse me, do you have the time? I think I might have missed my train” Steve glanced at his watch it was 9.13pm seven minutes till his train arrived. He glanced up and was greeted by the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, they were a shocking blue in colour, trimmed with long lashes and encased in black eye shadow on a very pale face.

“It’s nearly quarter past nine” Steve stuttered getting lost in these beautiful pools of blue “What train are you waiting for?”. She looked away, probably noticing that he had been staring, immediately embarrassed Steve shifted his position.

“The 9.20 to Brentwood”. She looked up and smiled at him. She looked deep into his eyes and he could feel the familiar stir of his groin as they searched each other’s souls. Not wanting to sit there and stare he tried to make small talk, just what he had wanted to avoid. Her name was Phillipa; she worked about 2 miles away from the train station, in the same industrial estate as him. She had been at work late tonight as she worked in sales and had a big presentation in the morning. He told her about his job as a network administrator. They sat there making polite conversation when he heard the train pull up. They both stood and Phillipa started to walk towards the train, Steve followed breathing in her beautiful scent. She got to the train first and stepped up onto the train, Steve noticed that she was in fact very broad but was also quite short. As he was over six foot, she looks almost a foot shorter than he.

They both climbed onto the train, Phillipa walked in to find a seat, it was empty in there. She sat down in the middle of the carriage; Steve wanted to sit with her so they could continue their conversation. But as he was shy, he couldn’t bring himself to ask. Phillipa as if on cue looked up at him and asked him if he would like to sit with her. She said that she hated sitting alone which is why she wanted to sit with him on the bench. He gladly obeyed and sat next to her. As he was quite a large guy, he used to play rugby so had that kind of stature, their legs touched and rubbed together slightly with the movement of the train.

They started to chat again, now as almost old friends instead of strangers. Steve could hear himself telling her all about Carol. Phillipa told him that she had been single for a couple of years now as she had thrown herself into her job and just hadn’t had the chance to meet anyone. He couldn’t believe how easy she was to talk to. He glanced at his watch. It was 9.25pm another thirty five minutes and they would be at their destination and Steve had a cab waiting for him at 10pm.

They were deep in conversation when the train started to bounce and Phillipa’s hand landed at the top of Steve’s thigh as she tried to regain her balance. As if by magic he could feel himself suddenly react to the touch of a woman. Oh, how he yearned to feel her soft hands caress him. To feel her warmth as he… He suddenly bought himself out of his dreams and looked at Phillipa. She still had her hand at the top of his thigh and noticed that her hand was now resting lightly on the erection that had grown there. He looked at her face and started to blush, why was her hand still there. He wished the train journey was over as he just wanted to get out and go home. She looked at him and smiled, it was a very cheeky smile that made her eyes twinkle.

He knew what she was thinking, or at least he hoped he knew what she was thinking. Not wanting to make any more of an idiot of himself he just sat there and looked at her. He looked at her lips, they were in a dark plum coloured lipstick and really stood out on her pale face. Why hadn’t he noticed how beautiful her lips were before? He then looked up in her eyes, those beautiful eyes. She leant forward and kissed him gently on the lips. He couldn’t believe this was happening, and half expected to wake up on the wet bench on the platform. She pulled away and looked at him, he lunged forward and started to kiss her passionately, she kissed him back. He could smell her sweetness all over her face and taste the sweet taste of coffee that she must have been drinking.

She started to stroke his hardness and she put his hand on her breast. He could feel the swell of her ample breasts under her coat, he hadn’t even noticed them before now. She stroked him harder and undid his fly with one hand, she undid his belt and slid her hand into his trousers. Steve thought that this kind of thing only happened in the stories in top shelf magazines which are what he had resorted to since being dumped. She started to stroke him more firmly now and had pulled his aching erection from the safety of his trousers. With one swift movement Phillipa had climbed on top of him. He felt move her panties to one side and he felt the wetness of her as she started to slowly lower herself on to him. He paused and thought for a moment, what about protection? He hadn’t remembered getting one out of his pocket. He looked at her and she knowingly looked back at him and whispered in his ear, “already sorted”. He felt down and could feel the rubber sheath on his hardness. He had been so ‘in the moment’ to even notice her put on him. She kissed him passionately as she lowered herself that last few inches till he was inside her fully.

She started to circle her hips and move backwards and forwards. The rhythm of the train and her movement was almost enough to take him to the edge. She must have sensed this because she stopped moving and just kissed him. She climbed off him, leaving him sitting there with a throbbing erection that needed to be satisfied. She turned around so her back was to him and lowered her wetness over him. She took him deep inside her greedily and he thought he would shoot his load there and then. He grasped her hip and began to thrust into her as she was pushing herself onto him.

The feeling was like nothing he had felt before and he was in heaven. The train was moving in harmony with their own bodies and was making this the most exciting ride Steve had ever experienced. He could hear Phillipa moan and reached round to rub her to orgasm as he could feel his own was not too far off. She was fucking him so hard, and he loved every moment of it. He started to rub her clit in a circular motion. This was what Carol had taught him, he hoped that all women liked it the same way. He could feel his orgasm approach and started to rub hard. Phillipa started to moan very loudly and he knew she wasn’t far off.

She started to twitch and let out a loud cry, this pushed him to the brink, and he exploded inside her. She buckled down around his hardness and he could feel her muscles contracting as she came. She was still twitching, and he had stopped rubbing. She leant back against his chest and he breathed in her scent. She had such a sweet smell that he had noticed earlier. He could feel his heart racing and could hear her pant. She looked round at him and said “oh looks like sitting on that bench didn’t keep me dry after all” and with that they both started to laugh.

They felt the train start to slow and realising that they were probably nearing their station they unlocked themselves. Phillipa stood and tried to straighten herself. Steve removed the condom, tied a knot in it and put it in his pocket making a mental note to throw it in the bin later. He zipped up his fly and did up his belt and tried to straighten the ruffles out of his clothes. They both sat down and saw the lights outside the window as they approached the station. Neither of them knew what to say. “What?” they both said together, and then Phillipa said, “What are you plans for food?” Steve thought for a moment, he hadn’t eaten since lunch and had just realised that he was starving.

“I haven’t eaten since lunch and I think I will go get something, fancy joining me?”. Steve said hoping that Phillipa didn’t just want to go home and forget him.

Phillipa’s face lit up. “I would love to, anywhere in mind?”

Steve had no idea, he hadn’t eaten out in a long time, when he was with Carol they couldn’t eat out or been seen in public because of her husband. He never understood this as he thought they had split up. But he had never questioned it. “No idea, where would you like to go?”

Phillipa thought for a while, she hadn’t eaten out in a long time. The train then stopped at the station. The lights of the platform were quite dim, and she realised it must be quite late. They both stood up and Steve started to make his way to the door, she followed him. They stepped onto the platform; it was deserted and very chilly. Phillipa put her arm through Steve’s and said, “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind, I’m cold”. Steve didn’t mind at all.

“So, where we going then?” Steve said, not wanting to be pushy.

There was a slight pause as they started to make their way off the platform. Then Phillipa said, “I thought Pizza, everyone loves pizza”.

“Pizza it is then”. Steve noticed his cab waiting for him. It was his usual driver and he was expecting questions about who this lovely lady was on his arm. He had been using the same cab firm for about 8 years and most of the time it was Bill who picked him up. They had grown friends and always had long chats on the ten-minute drive back to Steve’s. They both climbed into the cab and Bill turned to look at Steve. He raised his eyes and asked, “Where you going Steve?”

Steve looked at Phillipa, noticing her hair was all ruffled, he wondered how he himself looked. “Know any good pizza places Bill?”

“Yeah, on the high street there is one that’s open till late, they are not a restaurant they are a takeaway. That ok mate?” Bill asked, Steve knew there were restaurants open, and he wondered why Bill hadn’t mentioned this. Steve looked at Phillipa.

“Takeaway ok? Where should we go once we have got it?” Steve asked. Steve then remembered his flatmate. “I have a flatmate, and he will be home. We can go back to mine if you like?” Steve didn’t really want to go back to his. But he didn’t want to be to assumptions and suggest going back to Phillipa’s.

“I don’t mind, how far is yours from here?” Phillipa asked, she knew that if they went back to his she would have to get a taxi home as his friend was there, she would really like to stay at his the night. That way they could get to know each other a bit better. But with his flatmate being there they wouldn’t really get any time to get to know each other. At the same time she didn’t want to invite him back to hers. She had no idea if he was a weirdo or something.

Steve thought for a second, maybe tonight was coming to an end. “Ten minutes” He said.

“Right, pizza then yours it is, if that’s ok?” She said.

Steve felt gutted. “Ok let me just call my mate, see if he wants any pizza, if I don’t get him any he will scrounge ours. He scrolled down to Karl’s number, pressed send and waited for the ring tone. It rang twice then Karl answered it.

“Hey mate, another late one? You want me to come pick you up?” Karl said, sounding very cheery.

“No in a cab on my way back, going to go get a pizza with a…” Steve stopped, what does he call Phillipa? A friend? Sounds too familiar, his girlfriend? No that sounds too fast. She looked up at him waiting to her what he was going to say. He continued “with someone I met on the train tonight”.

“Ahh got ya; you want me to go out?” Karl asked thinking that he had met up with his mystery woman from a few months ago. He never actually met Carol but he heard her. Oh yes he heard he.

“No was just wondering if you wanted sum pizza bringing back?” Steve said, trying to stop his heart from beating so fast.

“Yeah whatever, you know what I like.” Karl said in his usual laid back ‘I don’t care’ manner.

“Okay will d”? Steve said then hung up. The rest of the drive to the pizza place was in silence. He started thinking maybe this wasn’t a good idea. The silence was almost unbearable. Phillipa looked up at him and smiled, he wondered what was going through her mind. He could smell her still, he could smell her scent all over him. It was divine. He started to think about the train journey. How good it felt to be buried deep inside a woman. There was something about Phillipa, she oozed confidence and sexuality. She was defiantly a woman who knew what she wanted, and always got it.

He could feel the tingles as blood rushed to his groin. He couldn’t believe he was getting a stiffy again. He shifted his position and tried to think of anything that would stop this happening. But all he could think of was the shape of Phillipa’s arse as she rode him on the train. He looked up at her, she must have noticed that he was hard. He was trying to hide it but wasn’t doing a very good job, the cab was small and a little bit tight. He could feel the heat of her leg through his jeans. He looked into her eyes, they had that twinkle back. She looked so naughty. She had such and innocent face but those eyes, they were not innocent, especially when they twinkle like that.

The cab pulled up outside the pizza place.

“What do you want?” Steve asked Phillipa. She looked up at him and smiled, he knew that smile.

“Anything except peppers, like to make my own heat”. She said looking him straight in the face. He knew exactly what she was thinking. Steve turned to the front of the cab and said.

“Want anything Bill?”

“I’ll have some of what you’re having!” Bill said quietly as he smirked at Steve. “I’ll have a small Hawaiian cheers”. Steve turned and walked into the pizza shop. He ordered
1 small Hawaiian. 1 large pepperoni and one medium farm house. After about 3 minutes the pizzas were ready. He paid the man and went out to the cab. Phillipa was standing outside the cab waiting for him. He walked over to the cab.

Phillipa said “Thought we would walk from here, mines just around the corner”. He liked the sound of that. Karl would have to find something else to eat. He walked to the front of the cab and passed Bill’s pizza through the window. He asked Bill how much it would be, but Bill said that the pizza covered it. Bill drove away leaving the two of them standing outside on their own. Phillipa started to walk and Steve followed. They walked in complete silence, neither of them knowing what to say.

Then Phillipa stopped and said, “We’re here”. She motioned to a block of flats to her left. Steve looked up at the flats. They looked quite run down. “It’s nothing special but its home, please excuse the mess I wasn’t expecting to entertain”. She walked up the stairs and he followed. They climbed into a lift and she pressed the button for the 5th floor. The doors closed and as they did she moved towards him. She reached up and he lent down a little. She kissed him passionately, she knew she had made the right decision in bringing him back to hers. She had always fantasised about making it in a lift, but she knew they didn’t have time. She wished there was a button to hold the lift but the only buttons were marked G, 1 to 5 and the emergency button.

As if by will the lift suddenly came to a halt. It bounced for a few moments. Now was her chance to have one of biggest fantasies fulfilled. She took the pizza from Steve and put them on the floor. Steve scooped her up in his arms, he was so tall and was equally strong. She wasn’t exactly slim and must weigh a bit more than average, but he picked her up without a problem. He sat her on the hand railing that run’s around the inside of the lift. The rail was just the right height and she was now at his waist. He wasn’t too sure what to do now. He knew what he wanted to do but was never very good at making the first move. He wanted to taste her, he wanted her to wriggle and squirm on his face. He moved his hand down he thigh to her knee then back up again, lifting her skirt. He looked down, her legs were extremely pale, almost white, and they were very solid.

He ran his fingers up her thigh to her red panties. He could feel how damp they were. He pulled them to the side and slid his fingers into her wetness. She was so wet and very hot. She gasped as he ran his fingertips along with her opening and up to her clit. He knelt down in front of her, so his face was near her pussy. He could smell the musky smell of the sex they had earlier. He pushed his face into her and thrust his tongue into her wetness. She tasted as good as she smelt. He wanted to lick her dry. He started lapping at her and rubbing his tongue all around. She placed her legs over his shoulders so that her feet were on his back. He started moving his fingers inside her, slowly putting them in the pulling them out, in and out while he rolled her clit between his lips. He felt her start to twitch and knew she was about to orgasm. He moved his fingers faster and harder while circling her clit with his strong tongue. She started to rub herself against his tongue and fingers. He felt her tense up and heard a loud groan and he knew he had made her cum. Now he wanted to be inside her. 

He wanted to cum too. He wanted to fuck her mouth as she fucked him. He stood back up and wiped his mouth dry. He kissed her hard, he wanted her to know how much he wanted to fill her with his seed. She started to stroke his hardness through his jeans. He could feel a damp patch spread across his jeans. He was aching now, wanted to be released from his jeans. She unzipped him and undid his fly and pulled his hard shaft from within the constraints of his jeans. She had her fingers wrapped around him with the tip of his shaft resting on her wrist, the palm of her hand on the top and her fingers on the underside. He had never been held in this way. She started to stroke him in a masterful way. As her hand went down his length, she twisted her hand round then twisted it back and she pulled her hand up. With this flick of her hand, it twisted his foreskin tighter around his shaft and his tip was rubbing along her wrist, it felt very odd but also very nice. 

She lowered herself off the handrail and knelt down next to him. She carried on stroking him, getting faster and holding tighter. She started to blow warm breath on his damp tip. This sent a shiver up his groin and up to his back. She gently licked the tip, all the time keeping on stroking him. She ran her tongue around the tip and all over the head, that with the twisting of the wrist was enough. He put his hand on her head and pushed himself into her mouth as he felt himself empty himself into her throat. She pulled her head so only the tip was in her mouth than all the way down to the hilt taking his full length into her mouth. She licked him clean and stood up. He did up his fly and his belt and sat on the floor. She sat opposite him. 

He noticed the pizza boxes sitting on the floor and pulled them over so he could have a look. He was starving now, and the smell of the pizzas was unbearable. He opened one of the boxes and looked at Phillipa. She smiled at him. 

“Thought you would never offer”, She said as she took a slice and started to eat it. Steve took a slice too; it was the pepperoni one. His favourite. The sat there eating the pizza, neither of them knew what to say. 

“Do you like cats?” Phillipa asked. 

“Yeah, but I think the pizza may have filled me up, so I don’t really fancy one right now”. Steve smirked back. They both laughed. It turned out that Phillipa had a cat, Steve thought that was strange living on the 5th floor with a cat. He liked cats; he liked most animals. They sat there just chatting about schools, where they were from and just general chit chat. The first pizza was gone. Steve looked at the second box and felt a pang of guilt. That was Karl’s pizza and he hadn’t taken it back for him. Phillipa noticed Steve studying the box and said, 

“Was that for your friend?” Steve nodded “What did you get him? No point in wasting it”. Phillipa pulled the box over to her and opened it. She took a slice and offered it to Steve. Steve took the slick and ate it, Phillipa then took a slice for herself. It was nice to be eating with someone else. Steve tended to eat alone most nights, so did Phillipa. Just then the lift started to move. They both just sat there eating the pizza, waiting for it to break down again. Steve wished he had got a drink, he was thirsty. 

The lift came to a halt and made a ding sound that indicated that they were at their floor. The both stood up, pizza boxes in hand and waited for the doors to open. The doors slowly opened, and they stepped out. Phillipa pulled her keys out of her pocket and walked towards a door opposite the lift. She unlocked the door and opened it, a little fluffy grey cat came out and started to rub itself against Phillipa’s legs. Purring loudly, it was a sweet little thing. She walked into the flat and the little cat followed her. Steve followed her and shut the door behind him. He looked around, it was a little flat but very homely and well decorated. He could smell jasmine from somewhere. 

He walked in the direction that Phillipa had gone and found himself in a kitchen. Phillipa was getting the little cat some food. It seemed very happy to be getting fed and was trying to reach up to the table to get at its food. Phillipa sat the food down on the floor and put the empty tin in the bin. She turned to stave, 

“Would you like a drink? “ She asked. 

“Was just thinking that very same thing, yes please”. Steve was very thirsty. 

“Hot? Cold?” Phillipa was going to get herself a glass of coke and hoped that Steve wanted the same. “Would a glass of coke be ok?”

“Yes please,” Steve looked around and saw a little round table with two chairs. He walked over to it and sat the pizza box that still had pizza in on it. He walked back into the kitchen and put the other box on the floor next to the bin. Phillipa poured the drinks and followed him back to the small table. They both sat down, Steve undid the pizza box, took a slice and pushed the box over to Phillipa. She took a slice and looked at him. 

“Bit weird this, don’t you think?” She asked. 

Steve looked at her, not too sure what she was implying. The pizza was fine. He thought about the two. How they went from being strangers less than 3 hours ago to have now shared more than just a pizza. 

“Yes, it is. I don’t really know what to say. I’ve never done anything like that before. I apologise if I have acted in an inappropriate way.” Steve felt embarrassed and looked at the pizza box. He could feel Phillipa staring at him and felt very uncomfortable. 

“Don’t apologise, it should be me. I made the first move. I have never ever done anything like that before in my life. I don’t know what came over me.” She looked at him, he was still staring at the pizza box. “I have had fun, I don’t regret it.” 

Steve looked up, thinking that she was winding the evening to a close he finished his piece of pizza and drunk his drink quickly. He stood up and said, “I guess I should go now.” He reached for his coat and looked at Phillipa. 

She stood and said, “This might sound a little forward but after everything that has… Well, I just thought you might like to stay? We could get the train together in the morning. I could wash your clothes tonight if you like.?” She looked away, feeling a little foolish, but she didn’t want to be on her own. She liked Steve and wanted to get to know him better. In other ways, not just his body, but that was a bonus. He had a beautiful face; big dark eyes and he was so very strong and manly. 

Steve thought for a moment. He didn’t want to go home either, and looking at Phillipa standing there it made him want her again. 

“Ok then, but only if you’re sure.” He heard himself say. They both smiled at each other. Unsure if this was a good idea. Maybe it was too much too soon? He didn’t know, but he was sure going to have a lot of fun, they both were. He sat back down and they started to chit chat. Talking about everything and nothing. Phillipa was nice. She seemed to be very relaxed and was extremely friendly. She seemed a little strange, just with the way she looked. Steve wondered why she wore so much black. Everything she wore was black, except for her panties. They were red, he thought about her panties, how damp they were when he went down on here. He felt his body react to his thoughts. He couldn’t believe he was getting hard again. No woman had ever had an effect like this on him before. 

He looked at his watch 12.37am. That means they had only known each other for a few hours. Phillipa saw him look at his watch and asked if he wanted to have a bath or a shower. Steve said he would like to have a shower if she didn’t mind. Phillipa stood up and got some towels out of a cupboard. She passed them over to him and said that if he took his clothes she would be and dry them for him. Phillipa showed him the bathroom and turned the shower on. It was quite a large bathroom, there was a corner bath to the left of the door. There was a large walk-in shower opposite the bath, then the sink and the toilet. He looked back at the bath and the shower. Big enough for two. He started to imagine how nice it would make love to Phillipa in either the shower or the bath. He walked into the bathroom, Phillipa left the room and pulled the door shut. Steve started to undress. He ran the shower and the room steamed up quickly. 

He stepped into the shower and stood below the strong jets, feeling them run down his back. It was so relaxing and very warm. He stood there for what felt like ages and looked down. He saw the fact that he was hard again. He didn’t want to make Phillipa feel that she had to do anything and thought it might be a good idea to satisfy himself before he went to bed. He reached down and felt his hardness in his hand. He tried to hold himself as Phillipa did in the lift but it didn’t feel right. So he just held it in his normal way. Normally it felt quite good and he had been doing it quite regularly since Carol left him, but this time it didn’t give him the satisfaction he desired. He started to pump himself quite fast and hard, wanting to get to his orgasm as he now felt very tired. Suddenly he felt a cool hand reach around his waist and touch his tummy. He knew it must be Phillipa. 

He was mortified to be found wanking. He didn’t know what to do, now he felt as though he wanted to go home. She reached her hand around and placed her hand on his which was still holding his erect penis. She started to move his hand with her hand on his. Picking up the speed and rhythm. She just stopped, she pulled him around and reached up to kiss him. He ran his hands down her sides, he could feel her curves she was a well-rounded woman. Carol had been extremely tall and slim and he thought that was sexy, but standing here with Phillipa in his arms he could feel all her curves and her large breasts. He found her body so sexy. He realised that after everything they had got up to that evening he had not seen more of her body then her thigh and her pussy. He leaned away to get a good look of her figure. 

She was quite large but not fat, everything looked in proportion and looked very sexy. He smiled thinking back to the first time he saw Carol naked, he was worried he might break her, but Phillipa, she looked more robust. He started to caress her breasts that were now wet from the shower spray. He ran his hand down her stomach and to her well-trimmed pussy. She looked like she took great pride in herself. He pushed his fingers into her wetness just as she kissed him, he could feel her breathing speed up. He slid his fingers in and out of her wet hole. She pulled away and pulled out a condom, she must have had it in her hand. Steve thought for a second. That meant that she came into the shower with it in her hand, so she must have planned to fuck him again. 

She rolled it onto him in one swift movement. She then moved around so she was now standing below the shower jets. She turned so her back was to Steve’s front. She reached up and got some shower gel and started to lather herself up. Steve reached around and started to rub her breasts. They felt wonderful in his hands, not too big, just about right. He felt her push her bum back to his hard on and it sent an electric shock up his shaft. Phillipa then moved forward a little and stood on the edges of the shower. The raised bits around the edge of the base, this made her a little taller now. Steve moved in behind her and felt his erectness press against her bum. She leant forward a little making the shower jets run down her back and on to his manhood. 

She reached under herself and took him in her hand. He stepped forward so she could get a better grip. She started to stroke him. Twisting her wrist as she did. He had never been played with in such a manner and it was a great feeling. She lent a little lower and glided him into her. He hadn’t quite expected it and was hit by the sensations that ran to his groin. He held onto her hips and thrust himself into her deeply. He heard her moan as she took his full length. He hoped he wasn’t hurting her. She pushed herself against him as he pushed himself into her. Harder and faster with each stroke. The combination of her hand stroking his balls and the water running down her back onto his manhood was an amazing feeling. 

He decided she was the most amazing woman he had ever met. This just made him fuck her even harder. She started to scream a little now. He was grunting as he put all his force into filling every inch of her that he could. With one hand he reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair. He pulled on it lightly and she must have like this because she arched her back in response. He decided he wanted to try something Carol had liked. He held onto her with one hand and with the other hand he started to caress her arse. She pushed herself onto him even harder and he took this as encouragement. He started to rub her anus. She was moving her hips in time with his thrusts. He started to slow a little, wanted to be gentle. She matched his pace. Slowly he inserted one finger into her arse. He felt he momentarily tense up then relax. He started to pump her pussy and he slowly fingered her arse. She had quietened down a little now but he could still hear her pant. 

He hoped she was enjoying this as he was. He wanted to slide his cock into her tight little arse but was too scared. He didn’t want to hurt her and didn’t know her well enough to know if she had ever done anything like this before. So he just fingered her while he fucked her. He then tried to fingers. Still keeping up the pace of the slow but deep fuck. Again she tensed then relaxed, he thought this might be her first time, Carole never tensed. After a few minutes of this, he started to fuck her a bit harder. Now he was up to three fingers in her arse and she loved every minute of it. He wanted to ask if he could arse fuck her but was too embarrassed. He slowed the pace pulled his fingers from her tightness. He withdrew his cock and started to rub it on her arse. He thought that if she didn’t like it she would say. He hoped she would say, he didn’t want to put her off him. She was the best fuck ever. 

He rubbed the tip against her opening and pushed himself in just a little. She pulled forward, and he guessed she wasn’t quite ready, she rubbed his tip on her more with one hand, and the other hand reached under and started to caress her clit. She immediately arched her back and took him inside her just a little. He started to rub her clit faster and wank himself of her arse. He could feel he was close to coming but wanted to cum inside her. He put his fingers inside her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb, he felt he start to twitch. He was almost there now. He sped up a little and felt her push back on him, accepting him into her virgin hole. As he pushed into her he felt himself explode inside her. He also heard her scream, he hoped it was because she was coming not that he hurt her. She pushed herself further back onto him and took him fully, he could feel himself throbbing deep inside her arse and he came inside her. He could also feel her spasming around his fingers. He felt happy she must have come, so the screams were of pleasure, not pain. She pulled herself off him and turned to look at him. 

He didn’t know what to say. They just looked at each other. She reached up and got the shampoo and turned so her back was to him again. He wasn’t sure if he had just done something wrong but was worried to say. So, he just removed the condom and placed it on the side. He got the shower gel and washed his body. Phillipa turned around and passed him the shampoo and took the shower gel. He rubbed the shampoo into his hair. He wanted to ask if Phillipa was ok but was scared to in case she wasn’t. She rinsed herself off and Steve waited for his turn. Phillipa turned to face him. She smiled at him and then lent down and kissed his flaccid penis. 

He was shocked and watched her as she walked out of the shower and wrapped herself in a big blue towel. He rinsed himself off and by the time he turned around Phillipa was no longer in the room. He got out of the shower and wrapped himself in the town she left for him. He opened the bathroom door and walked out. He looked on the floor and could see wet footprints on the floor. He followed them and ended up in Phillipa’s bedroom. She was standing by the side of the bed naked, drying her back. He watched her and she looked up. He looked away and muttered “sorry”. 

“Don’t worry, it’s not like you haven’t already seen everything”. She smiled. 

He sat on the end of the bed and started to dry himself. He glanced over to the side of the bed and saw a clock that read 2.17am. They were in the shower for over an hour. He remembered that Phillipa had an important presentation first thing tomorrow. He felt Phillipa climb into bed and once he was dry he didn’t really know what to do with himself. Should he climb in her bed or should he go sleep on the sofa? 

“Come on get in, but only if you promise to behave, I have an early morning and I think you’ve kept me up long enough,” She said cheekily tapping the bed next to her. 

Steve looked at her and blushed. He stood and climbed into bed with her. He laid his head on the pillow and the tiredness hit him. He turned over just wanted to look at Phillipa one more time. She was still awake and he kissed her on her forehead. She turned over so her back was to him and scooted back in the bed. She fitted to him exactly. Her bum was in his groin, his legs fit in the gap at the back of hers. He placed his arm around her waist. Praying that he was satisfied and didn’t go hard again. 

They lay there naked and fell asleep. 

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