Under a Full Moon

So engrossed was she that she didn’t hear them until their footsteps had grown distinct as they moved down the hall. It was obvious that there were two of them, no one man-made that much noise. She hadn’t expected that.

Then again, she never knew what to expect from Thomas.

Thomas opened the door without knocking. Stopping just inside the threshold he motioned the other man in and closed the door behind him. The fire offered little light but the full moon and the open drapes more than made up for it.

She was beautiful and no matter how many times he came to her she never ceased to take his breath away. Just the sight of her was enough to cause a catch in his chest, to start his heart pumping and heat rushing to the surface of his skin. It was an uncomfortable feeling, especially for him and given what she was. Had he met her at any other time or in any other place he would have taken her to wife. As it was all he could offer was some semblance of security as his mistress.

A small sound drew Thomas? attention; Greg had already removed his coat and was loosening his cravat. The sight of his life long friend making himself comfortable was like a bucket of cold water. Even at this moment Thomas still couldn’t understand how he had arrived at such a place.

It had been a long night of drinking and cards. It started out friendly enough but by the end of the evening, Thomas was down several hundred pounds. Normally a conservative player earlier success had given him a false sense of security and he’d bet more then he could cover. Greg agreed to forgo the debt in exchange for one night with Thomas? mistress. Thomas had come along to deliver the news.

?Emily.? Thomas stepped forward and stopped, clearing his throat he tried again. ?Emily, this is Lord Tory, he’s a friend of mine.?

Emily turned from the window. ?Good evening, my lord.?

Greg stepped forward and raising her hand brushed a light kiss across the back of her knuckles. ?Good evening.?

His touch was light but something in the way he held her hand alerted Emily to the hunger lying beneath. It was there, reflected in the deep blue of his eyes. He was a handsome man, his colour lighter and his features softer then Thomas but attractive all the same.

Thomas, who had remained quiet, stepped forward and running his hands up Emily’s arms took her by the shoulders. Turning her towards him he looked down into her dramatic features. She was beautiful, with black as night hair and cat green eyes. Her lips were full and her cheekbones naturally accented. Together her features lent her an erotic, sensual air that no man could resist. Lord knows he hadn’t been able to.

And whatever had possessed him to agree to Greg’s proposal? He could no more share this woman as sell her and that’s what he would be doing. He wasn’t a poor man, nor was he exactly rich. He could afford the blunt to cover his debt if Greg was willing to wait. Thomas sighed, he’d already given Greg his word and the debt had been erased. There was no going back now, not when he’d given his word.

Coming back to himself, Thomas found Emily staring expectantly up into his eyes. ?Emily, Greg is an old friend of mine; I would appreciate it if you would entertain him for a few hours.?

Emily felt herself go cold. Taking a step back she removed herself from Thomas? grasp. He couldn’t be asking this of her! Thomas cared for her, he may not love her and he would never make her his wife but he respected her enough not to farm her out to his friends! This had to be a misunderstanding; he couldn’t be asking her what she thought she heard. Desperately, she searched his face and there she saw the truth. He was embarrassed, ashamed at what he was asking but he said nothing to dissuade her. “I see.”

“Emily???” Thomas stopped and ran a hand through his hair. How to explain?

Emily ignored him and turned, offered Greg a smile. Despite being badly battered she still had her pride. She refused to allow Thomas or his friend to witness her hurt and humiliation. “I would, of course, be willing to entertain you for a while, sir. Whatever business it is that Thomas has that requires the desert you must be pressing.” There. She’d given Thomas an out, a graceful way to extricate himself and leave her to his friend.

Greg nodded but wisely kept silent.

Turning back to Thomas, she said, “Do not rush, my lord, in fact, why don’t you plan on collecting your friend after breakfast tomorrow.” It was a small thing, a verbal projectile meant to hurt, to dismiss him seemingly without a care.

Thomas felt a stab of pain and jealousy. He hadn’t anticipated Greg would stay the night. He knew from experience that Emily enjoyed sleeping in his arms. Her lush, naked body pressed firmly beside him and her warm breath against his neck were all sensations he’d come to know and love. He couldn’t picture leaving her in Greg’s arms through the night while he slept in an empty bed in an even emptier house. Thomas drew himself up, his fists clenched at his side. “If you don’t mind I would prefer to return straight away after my business is complete.”

Emily’s eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth to reply only to be cut off.

Greg stepped in between the two. ?Or you could forgo your business and remain here with us.? Thomas and Emily both stared at him, astonishment clearly written on their faces. The implications were clear but neither knew how to respond. In the end, it was Greg that brought them together.

Greg, already hard with wanting, turned Emily so that she faced him, backing her up against Thoma’s chest. His movements slow and deliberate, he reached around her and guided Thomas’s hands to her waist, it was the last thing Greg would do to assist his friend.

Slowly, Greg raised his hands sliding them along Emily’s chin until her face was cupped in his palms. Her eyes were wide, her body tense, reminding him of a frightened doe. Lowering his head, Greg brushed her mouth with his lips, once, twice, lightly before sinking into her kiss.

Her mouth was warm and soft, slowly opening up to his exploration. He could feel her sense of uncertainty, her reservation of judgment as she let him take. And take he did. Her taste was like nothing he’d ever had before. There was heat mixed with the bittersweet taste of desire. She reminded him of chocolate and coffee but was more intoxicating than any liquor he’d ever had.

Feeling herself being swept away, Emily let her head fall back against Thoma’s shoulder and surrendered her mouth. As soon as she did Greg swept in and plundered with his tongue. He drank of her, exploring every corner of her mouth before moving to taste her skin.

Reluctantly leaving her mouth, Greg set about tracing the line of her jaw, the curve of her neck and the shell of her ear. Moving closer he crowded her with his body, pressing her more firmly between the two men so that he could feel every breath in the rise and fall of her breasts. The movement pressed her breasts more firmly against his chest and already he could tell that they were heavy with desire.

Emily felt her breath coming out in pants. His mouth was doing amazing things to her, making it hard for her to think. So much so that she’d nearly forgotten about Thomas and was surprised when his hands rose from her waist to cup her breasts. Gently, he squeezed, the pressure enough to elicit a moan of pleasure from deep inside her throat. Turning, she caught him looking at her, watching her passion rise.

Unable to stop himself and not sure he wanted to Thomas crashed down upon her taking her mouth in a soul-searing kiss.

This was familiar, Emily thought. Thomas? taste and texture was everything she knew and loved and combined with the unfamiliar taste of Greg it sent her senses soaring.

Thomas continued to knead her breast, his mouth locked on hers while Greg steadily moved down the front of her body. Without them realizing it, Greg had slid the dress from Emily’s shoulders baring her to the waist. Thomas, feeling skin on skin, released her breast only to grasp her nipples between his fingers.

Emily gave a loan moan of pleasure as heat shot from her nipples to pool between her thighs. Already she felt hot and heavy, her nether lips swollen and wet.

Greg dropped to his knees, his hands on her waist holding her still while his mouth closed over one nipple. Thomas was still rolling it between his fingers when Greg’s mouth closed around them. Rhythmically, he started sucking, pulling nipple and fingers deep into his mouth sending warm waves of pleasure into the couple standing before him. After a time Thomas slowly withdrew his fingers from his friend’s mouth and used them to release himself from his breeches. Hard and throbbing he sprang free only to be crushed between his stomach and Emily’s buttocks.

The mental image of himself grasped firmly between the two of them nearly drove him over the edge. Quickly, his hands shaking, he pushed her dress the rest of the way off her hips and slid himself between her buttocks.

Emily groaned and pushed back against him, driving him deeper between the wet heat of her swollen flesh.

Greg, fully appreciating the sight of the naked woman before him, lowered his head and pressed his face between her thighs. Emily cried out, her body bucking between them as she sought both the pleasure from in front and behind.

Thomas angled his hips and drove in deeper unexpectedly meeting his friend’s tongue as Greg did the same with his mouth. Surprised, he pulled back only to thrust forward again, unable to deny himself the pleasure of Emily’s heated flesh.

Greg, at first surprised and then encouraged, flicked his tongue back and forth, working it deeper and deeper between Emily’s thighs until he once again encountered the head of his friend’s cock. Caught up in the act Greg didn’t think about anything except giving the couple before him pleasure and continued to work them over with his mouth.

Emily felt herself winding tighter as Thomas thrust between her thighs from behind and Greg worked her over with his mouth from in front. Her movements, beyond her control, thrust her hips forward and back, forward and back until at last, she shattered.

Thomas, having yet to enter her, nevertheless felt the flood of her release. Combined with the insistent flickering of Greg’s tongue on the head of his cock drove him over the edge and he released himself between Emily’s thighs.

Greg, his hands gripping Emily’s thighs, slowed her movements and helped to bank the fires of their passion. Spent, the couple collapsed onto the floor beside him.

Emily had collapsed on her side, Thomas spooned behind her and Greg on his back in front. Even in the late-night, she could see the rise and fall of Greg’s chest. Devoid of hair, his copper nipples stood out but from the cool night air or passion, she couldn’t say. She did know however that Greg had yet to find any release. For whatever reason Thomas had brought Greg to her and she was determined that he leave here satisfied. Besides, he’d just given her experience like never before. The least she could do is show him her gratitude.

Rolling slowly Emily covered him with her body. She felt him stiffen, his body tense as her breasts pressed down against his chest. He didn’t move, didn’t so much as a raise a hand to touch her, just watch her with bright blue eyes gone dark with passion.

She could feel the evidence of his arousal pressed intimately between them. Slowly, she spread her thighs, drawing them up to her chest until she was straddling him, the passage to her body hovering bare centimetres above his body. Bracing herself with her hands on either side of his head, she lowered her mouth and brushed her lips back and forth in a tender, intimate kiss.

The moment was drawn out, her touch too tender as he waited for her to sink herself onto his waiting shaft. It nearly choked him but he managed to say, “You don’t have to do this.”

Her eyes never left his face, they could both feel Thomas watching them, waiting to see what they would do. Emily didn’t smile, she searched his eyes, letting Greg see the determination in hers and said, “I want to.”

She realized the truth in her words as Greg grabbed fists full of her hair and thrust his hips up and sheathed his shaft inside of her.

Emily gasped, her body bowed and arched but he didn’t let her go. Instead, he raised his head and took possession of her both while plundering her body. Despite being on top she let him control the pace, rocking her hips in time with thrusts until together they reach a frantic peak and shattered.

Exhausted, Emily collapsed and was enfolded in Greg’s embrace. Gently, his arms still holding her, he turned on his side and faced his friend. For a moment he was afraid of what he would see. He expected and would accept rage, hate and a passion to kill but was surprised by the understanding and acceptance he saw there. Over Emily’s dark head, the two men stared at each other.

After a time the room began to chill and the floor turned hard. Carefully, Greg got to his feet, Emily still curled up in his arms and moved her to the bed. Surprised, Greg followed Thomas? indication and followed him into bed. With Emily sandwiched between them, the two men settled down for a few hours sleep. There was no doubt in either man’s mind that the three would be making love again before the rise of the sun.

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